December 18th, 2001



I think I thought I saw you try.
That was just a dream... just a dream.


Big day today...

So that interview yesterday went well, and I really want to say I nailed the contract.... the thing is that we're competing with one other company and I have to admit that they are heavy hitters in the very specific field that this contract is in. Getting this deal would be a major win for our company. We will hear today who won the contract.

The last project I was working on ... those servers ... is in trouble and we have to do a major recovery today to minimize the number of heart attacks that the related suits will have. I have to make that happen today.

Tonight? After work at the dinner hour... I have a command performance dinner meeting along with all the other middle-managers in our company and the corporate CEO "El'Sid" as it were... The tie is for that event.

~ tommy shirt... hey, I can work an Iron!
~ mickey mouse tie... you can't tell unless ya get real close...
~ the dark charcoal two piece suit.
~ geez... too much to imagine actually.
~ I want to get a chance to visit a couple of stores... so maybe I'll hit shopping between work and this dinner thing...
~ I actually slept last night...

I've received so many christmas cards from my lj friends... I'm just out of my mind happy about that. Hey, I'm sure for a lot'sa people getting christmas cards is pretty nice but essentially normal. Not for me. Sure we get the standard family and family friends zone... but... Ok, I'll stop. It's just really great. Thanks.

K, later homies... gotta make today happen... and take no prisoners.


Just say'en.....


So I'm sitting at the office waiting for the dinner thing... working on one project that is killer out of control... (but thankfully, it's not my fault).. :D and I JUST JUST JUST got the call from my boss....

Boss man big is all over congratulating me ... 'cause we won the big ass contract I was being interviewed for yesterday. This is the biggest bestest news I have received since I started working here (2 years). This just fucking rawks!

I just grew about 2 complete inches.

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