December 15th, 2001



~ my original p-z orange stripe shirt...
~ jeans (again)
~ gray ftl's
~ to take both boiz to Geo's ju-jitsu class... he's feeling better and today is a special "christmas" thing... he's been looking forward to this... so....
~ then to a postoffice to get stamps!!!!
~ possibly to bayshore (big - ass mall) to get Z's xmas prezzi... but if I take the boiz? I'll try and get them on Santa's lap.
~ I get a chance to catch up... had some weird stuff happen with my lj filters yesterday... eeeeeek! but mostly I just fell asleep at 10:ish and stayed that way till a little while ago. (this is a good thing btw).

Later skaters... gotta boogie.

tick tick...

So in a few minutes it'll be time to order a pizza for the family dinner... Z should be back from shopping soon and at 6:20 ???? I get picked up to go to the Corel Center to watch the Senators beat-up on the Devils... poor devils... I get to take my team from work to the company Box tonight.


See ya...