December 14th, 2001



100.8 ... up for a tylonal run... but it seems to be settling.
G'night lj.
Hey, it's friday... :D

Hiya Lj.

Ack... a most unfortunate word - Uvula. We all have one... but mines prol'y a tad bigger and ouchier than yours. I'm up, killer early and off to work 'cause I have a command performance in a meeting at 8:30 and have about 20 minutes of prep to get ready. So sore throat or no... it's off to work I go. pick pick... Yea it's a friday and besides my throat, I'm feeling in fine form. I got my christmas card design, etc. done last night (yeah!) so they hit the mail box today.

~ um, black, and love'en every minute of it.
~ not a speck of pubic hair... well, hey, look, I didn't ask you to read that. :D
~ denim... it's all about denim today. Blue jeans, and company denim shirt.
~ and - kind of a friday uniform thang - a 3WV white T.
~ to mail off a super secret santa package today... feeling kinda giddy about it.
~ to start my day with two meetings that will take me to 11:00 or so.
~ cramping my hand writing addi's on envelops.
~ to finish a survivor update... last nights show was fun.
~ it's Friday… the corto-werk cam is on.
~ that I read about my friends in Toronto having had a great time last night!!
~ for some kind of a break to land on my friend Kathleen's doorstep (far too many bad vibes for this truly wonderful girl this week... so send daikan your best karma bomb and love her a little ok?
~ that dead-beat, no-good, dh dads would get a clue.

Ok... nuf said... for now. Later skaters.

Lj Birthday Baby...

Happy Birthday Tarpo

A boy from the ROCK!!!!!

tarpo kinda snuck up on me FOREVER ago... and is one of the rare peeps on my friends list that has a relationship in the real world with another person on my list.

Newfoundland, Canada... a remarkably beautiful part of this country... and Home to Tarpo!

My birthday wishes for you are really easy:
~ may you find the distances between you and your heart shrink all year long.
~ may this year bring me the chance to keep up our friendship!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Tarpo... Happy Birthday to you.</marqee>


Didn't take long
to understand
that just one guitar
strung way down low
was a one way ticket...

holy moly...

I have had a hulluva day. I mean besides being a goof in Lj...

We won a big big contract today (good) and I have to be at an interview... trying to win a killa big contract. This would be a huge win for me. So this weekend is all about studying...

Finished the "making" part of the christmas cards... and packed up a secret santa gift... but I'm still needing to finish the survivor update and actually addressing the cards... yikes.

Post office hold over till monday. :D

Survivor 3 Update!

Survivor III : Update

"See Ya Sugarbear"

Wherein the homophobe dates a scruffy boi, the cute girl shows off us her tummy, mop-head continues to be cute-as-a-button, especially when he slaps Nana Thong-Butt's ass, the red necks bitch about the women, and the twinky bitch slaps the drill sergeant.

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