December 13th, 2001



Balmy... it's frigg'en balmy outside. I'm not complaining, I'm just pointing out that 45 inches of snow and -15 degrees is about where I expected to be and it's blamy and snowless.

~ gray, snug ftl's
~ pale beige/green dress pants,
~ red T under a company golf shirt,
~ brown hushpuppies.
~ big "SAP management" presentation this aft... (SAP is a big-ass corp application that a lot of our clients use...)
~ to watch survivor tonight... and to watch family guy.
~ Z has been totally into Temptation Island and has managed to pull me in enough to know that Edmundo's days are numbered... his girl friend is gonna torture and kill him.
~ everyone in my house is now sick. Z is on the mend, but Geo still sounds like a fog horn and Ed is starting... and me? I'm mr. runny-nose. sneezing my head off. I wish, hope and pray that I don't get sicker than I am now... (and no jokes!).

There has been soooo much going on at work and at home lately that I am dreadfully behind on lj … sorry if I'm missing stuff. No really. You know I care a great deal about you guys - I mean if you know me at all you know that big time - so please don't be put off if I've missed out on something. :D


need more coffee... then I get to sit down, listen to 3WV and write documentation up on the servers I've been building...


Ok... so I managed to get some shopping done at lunch... the santa bug is in full swing... and now? I can't get into 3wv streaming and AND I find out I have to be at this presentation thing 90 minutes earlier than I expected... timing for the day is shot!



I'm toast... I'm gone...
I'm off to do the show... prol'y wont see lj again till later when survivor is taping.
so much to do ... sop little time... and I have just got to stop sneezxing... (that "x" brought to you by a mid-type sneeze btw...)