December 10th, 2001



Long as hell day...

Loved ALIAS tonight.. .(yup, lot's of plot holes and "oh sure!"s but tough! it was till a blast....)

Goodnight lj ... my mind is racing... but I'm in need of sleep... tomorrow will be a wonderful day... of this I am certain!

(ps. i hope your tomorrow is good!)

um... yawn... Hi!

Day off....
Ok, so George wakes me up with "dad? I gotta go poop... can you come and help..."
My dream adled brain works that out and staggers to the can... en route, I notice the clock... 8:20.
hmm... nice. good sleep.
It's a Monday. Sure I have a day off... but Geo is supposed to be on a bus at 8:50!
So it's all about getting dressed, eating breakfast, making myself coffee and making his lunch.
Ed, who I'm pretty sure is a cold blooded creature, sleeps in a pull-up still but wont wear anything else and kicks off his covers, wakes up and wants to come to the bus stop. "ED! No!!! You're not dressed and we don't have time... Wait here... I'll be right back."
So Geo and I march up the street to the little gaggle of "other parents" as my bed-head occurs to me... hahaha...
We made the bus.
I get home and Ed has his runners on and is standing in the garage. Note: I needed my big winter coat! Theres frost on everything.
Eds having a warm cerial as I type... :D

~ way too much face-fur ... need a shave, hell, need a shower.
~ I'll put on real clothes later...
~ to build Z's new computer this morning.
~ to go shopping for new frames for Z (with Z) this afternoon...
~ work on Christmas cards...
~ that I could express properly how happy I feel inside to have read about my friend kristylicious having such a great time this weekend!
~ that the two twenty-something girls on "The Wiggles" wore jewel encrusted thong bikinis... at least then I could stand to watch. :D

Big Hi and Good luck to my friend stephiechai who maybe... just maybe went into labour a little while ago... She's in Singapore so it's late monday right now for her... I hope and pray that all is well Steph.

k, Ed's calling... gotta go.

Later Lj...

ps. things are good.

Lj birthday baybee...

Happy Slightly Late Birthday Krizsa

You know... I copied the whole... wearing, planning and wishing thing from this girl oh so long ago...

I found LiveJournal by trying to comment in ana voog's "new journal" way back when my only online goofing was games, and haunting ana's (ana) and Stephs (punquin) and through Steph's journal I found this amazingly intriguing woman (Krizsa). I have to admit that the user pic just snagged me, but then the web cam, her writing and the fact that she worked for the Cirque de Solie (spelling?) really drew me in.

She remains a remarkably fortunate-for-me friend in journal land and I hope this year brings her passion, good health and never ending opportunities to push the limits of her very creative mind.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Krizsa, Happy Birthday to you!!!


What a day...

Anybody have any clue how to get a win2000 pro install to kick in with an ATI Fury 32 meg video card installed? The Win2000 install craps when it goes from the text mode (loading the installer) to running the gui ... no default drivers past vga and win2k wants svga to run the gui install??? I'm thinking I have to swap the card ... which I can do after work tomorrow. Ick.

Otherwise a long day is about to get wrapped with a DVD "Planet of the Apes" (yea... the new one - not sure 'bout this... I've heard mixed reviews.)

In 4 days off... I've managed to have 3 headaches... My house gives me a headache!

I've totally missed out on Lj today... ~snif.

Later skaters.