December 7th, 2001



k, it's a beautiful day out there... sunny, but brrrr! It's cold.

Got up at the crack of dawn, made coffee... put Z in the shower and dove into morning mode... That means waking the boiz up and getting them dressed and fed, then we all drove Z to work. Normally the boiz would go to the daycare - where Ed would stay for the day and Geo would catch his school bus at 8:30... but not today. PD day, so no school for Geo and there's no big rush!

Shower, shave and shave and here I sit. Writing to you... got a lot planned for today.

~ well, it's Friday, so... leopard print today....
~ jeans and a 3WV t-shirt...
~ to take the boiz over to day care at 10:00
~ finish the Survivor update...
~ go buy some computer parts...
~ have my own version of electric lunch at my desk (home) with my cam (maybe yahoo streaming?), 3WV and lj.
~ do open box surg on Z's computer this afternoon...
~ take Geo to Ju-Jitsu (and ask what style it is - Hi aristophren!)
~ well, after looking at the pics and the video (Thanks huge for that robont!!) I basically wish I was living close enough to Toronto to play with those kids...
~ wishing that all is well in my world of Lj friends...
~ I'm thinking about and sending good vibes out to topazgrrl and extra karma vibes to my camping pal sylph !!!

um... I just wanted to say hi to a couple of new friends... (and I almost fear doing that because I usually forget someone... did I forget you? tell me... I FIX!)
Regardless... a great big hello to mandelion and fairiedust66 (the only Marla I know... I think.)

ps. I'm in a "answer questions" kinda mood... played 10 questions with hazeleyedgal_25 yesterday and it was fun... ask... I'll tell...
Peace out Lj...
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Survivor 3 Update!

Survivor III : Update

Dr. Evil? Meet Saint Fucking Ethan

Wherein Terresa dresses up in a silver single suit, nibbles her baby finger and plots her way to a million dollars. Lovable, affable, mop-headed Ethan causes millions of viewers to projectile vomit at their televisions. Lex is fully possessed by the devil, all the evil hosts of hell and Fred Flintstone's mother in law. The legs-crossed-at-his-upper-thigh Brandon earns the title Rat Bastard and sneaky Kenyan con men rip off goofy goat bearing white folk.

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Actually... the mic is quiet versus the remote mic.
edit: Ok... no, I got that backwards... you are the remote and quiet one. :D


please note...
While my web site ( is working... it's pathetically slow... I know it is and I'm working on it. k?


Christmas Tree Snowmen... *
Craft Requirements:

2 danon drinking yogurt containers...
some cardboard
some black paper
two pipe cleaners
wrapping paper... you only need 5 square inches... but you use about 2 square feet getting it stuck to everything.
4 pairs of scissors (1 to use, 1 to get covered in glue, 1 for each kid to play with...)
two pairs of google eyes...
3 cloths... 1 to clean with, 1 for Ed to play with ... 1 to clean the mess up after...
liquid glue... enough to attach a Sherman Tank to a B52, you only use a teeny bit... but see "wrapping paper" above!
Tape... a couple of rolls... again, you only use a bit... but....
Vallium (100mg x 3) ok ok ... maybe not but it would have helped...
Infinite "craft" patience... A special kind of patience... required to NOT do the craft yourself, and to let glue, tape and wrapping paper covered, stabbing one another with scissors children do it themselves....
A cup of coffee.... for you.
A baseball bat... not actually required... but it helps to move things along.


Now it's off to Ju-Jitsu...

ps. I bought a A-Bit motherboard, 256 megs of ddram, a 900 mhz processor and a new 300 watt ps case... Going to rebuild Z's computer sometime this weekend and upgrade my web server with the left-overs... :D

*sorry if the pic loads super slow... working on it...
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