December 1st, 2001



December? wow.

g'morning lj... did ya sleep well? I'm up way too early for last nights shenanigans... Our youngest (Ed) decided to become the spawn of the devil at bed time and essentially remained awake and surly till about 12:30 am. ahhhhhhh. This kinda made it hard to watch a movie... let alone fool around, or even be in anything but a frustrated mood. Not a grand Friday evening... but these are the slings and arrows of parenthood. Tonight? I'll put him in a box and staple the dam thing closed.*

Geo went to his Ju-Jitsu class after work yesterday (with Z) because ??? because this morning both boiz start winter swimming lessons. So I'm off to the showers and then off to watch the lessons... They love swimming lessons... :D

~ a scruffy chin... need to shave.
~ why, swimming lessons of course...
~ to scoop babysitting for tonight... (wanna go rock climbing)
~ to go get my dads b-day prezzi...
~ speaking of b-days... i have a couple of b-day wishes to make today... :D
~ I am hoping for peace to find it's way into the heart of my friend gailbird!!!! A time of action can be a hard time to get good sleeps.

Um... I saw some lakme action yesterday... I hope your feeling better soon sugar..

* ok, no, I won't actually put him in a box... sheeesh.

Lj Birthday Babies...

Happy Birthday Jamie

It's _jamielynne_'s birthday today... she must be what? 20? Just sorta had kids in middle school huh.

I gotta say... this woman has a lot going for her... she's in unbelievably good shape (the girl that pointed me to her called her "eye candy"... :D) but believe me the story doesn't end there.
She has a wonderful family... full of stories I can relate to... swimming lessons... family stuff... extended family stuff... but then the kicker? She and her hubby man have been building this beautiful home for the last I-don't-know-how-long... and she has been keeping her journal up-to-date on the building progress and the interior decoration progress... Talk about drool factors... Jamie has some serious killer talent when it comes to decorating and design.

For your birthday I have one great big wish... that you have a wonderful year filled with more-of-the-same!!!! May health, happiness and the warmth of your family's spirit fill your days and nights Jamie.

Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Jamie... Happy Birthday to you!</marqee>

More Birthdays...

Happy Birthday heartsecho

Way way back in the beginning of me-and-Lj, I made a habit of checking in with the stats page to see who JUST MADE A JOURNAL and reading their first entries. I made choices then to befriend some people who I am ever so glad to have met. This young woman is one of them...

Bancroft, Ontario is a nice place... but not a big place...
Being a single mom... being a single mom for two... facing all the typical challenges and battling to build yourself up enough to take on some new opportunities... and doing it all in Bancroft.

Sweet Echo... Happy Birthday sugar... and there is no question that my birthday wishes for you are all about having a year peppered with good breaks, happy fortune and the discovery of all those hidden recesses of energy and calm that will help you get through your days and nights...

Love sneaks up on you... but you already know that... (yea!) I hope you have a wonderful year.

Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear What-is-your-name!!! Echo... Happy Birthday to you!</marqee>