November 30th, 2001



Goodnight moon...
Goodnight Chairs
Goodnight Bears....

Ok, I'm really tired... so, yea... sleep.

I made up a list of addi's for christmas cards from my lj buds... well, the ones that I exchanged addi's with... problem is... some of the names / addi's bear zero relationship to their actual Lj handles... hahaha... so I have no idea for a few... But it'll work out in the wash... I'm making my cards... so I hope ya like 'em!!!

What's tomorrow? Oh yea... Friday! yea baby... :D

pick... pick...

Sleep well lj ...

morn'en Lj...

George Harrison, R.I.P.
~ about two weeks ago I wrote in a thread (lj) that it always seems that just when a celebrity is released from hospital with much fan-fare and is "improving", it's likely the person will pass on. I mentioned that I feared this would be the case for George... I was born in 1962 and while my oldest sib was more likely to be screaming about the beatles... I know I've lived through a part of their legacy, let alone the revivals. They made a difference. May he rest in peace and spend eternity getting a buzz on with John, laughing about Yoko.

Morning... how'd ya sleep? me? cold....
It's an icy world out there for peeps living in Ottawa...
Hey! That pic... that's my 3WV "big greasy breakfast" morning show t-shirt. Am I styl'en or what?

~ um, friday... black, and regardless of the nay-sayers... love'en every minute of it.
~ blue jean baybee... with my 3WV shirt and a denim company logo shirt.
~ to make a client visit this morning... hopefully fairly early.
~ write a tiny S3 update...
~ think a great deal about sex.
~ solicit Lj friends for mailing addresses... (
~ um,... corto werk-cam today.
~ the very biggest and bestest luck to Kristy and Lisa in thier big moves! They are moving their lives and families this weekend into new digs. I've been following the kristylicious house hunt'en blues story for half a year and this is a really wonderful outcome to a very considered effort. And Lisa? ladyfire's path seemed like one road block after another... I'm very happy to see such happy endings.
~ !! I had two cams... I'm worried I'll bust this one some day bringing it back and forth to work.

K... gotta go. Singing police songs in my head again last night...
~ it's evil cycle time


Survivor 3 Update!

Survivor III : Update

The Editing Team Intern Show

Wherein we get treated to a half baked show slung together by the junior members of the Editing Team back at CBS. Best part - of course - being that they can only make the show out of tape they find on the floor around the senior editors desk.... Net result? Holy crrrrap some of these people are more peach pits then I thought.

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Maria, these walls were not built to shut out life.
You must live the life your were born to live!
You must go back.
You must find out....

(puddle of me...)
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