November 26th, 2001



and it's off to work I go....
~ tommy shirt...
~ dark suit
~ micky mouse tie... no really...
~ to say more later!
~ I had more time to say stuff now...

But ... this is definately not the case... would you look at the time...

Lj Birthday Baby...

Happy Birthday Amy

Today is topazgrrl's birthday... do you know her? bet ya do... She's many things... and all of them good; a mom, a friend, a good friend... and a girl that knows the value of setting aside a day now and again to take her pants off and spend the day shining!! :D

May this birthday mark the beginning of another year that lets me share your friendship.
I wish with all of my heart that good health and happiness fills your house and that the unfailing love of friends warms your heart.

Peace out Amy. I appreciate your friendship.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Amy... Happy Birthday to you!!!!!</marqee>

More Birthday Babies...

Happy Birthday Toy

I know this girl... her name is Toy... (makes me wonder what High School was like... with a name like Toy :D). She is a mom... day by day... she is a mom... He house if filled with boys, three boys.
~ Dylan, a sweet young man that introduced Toy to the job of mommyhood.
~ Tom the hubby man that was cool 'nuf to post notes directly into her Lj account while she was busy in the hospital busy bringing boy number three into the world...
~ Austin... the new recruit and as cute as can be.

dailymom has been a part of my world of Lj friends for so very long! It's been a wonderful experience to know this woman and hear about her life... She is one of the reasons I feel so lucky!

Toy, I hope this next year brings you all the joy you deserve. I sincerely hope that your boys take good care of you and make you feel as special as I think you are... If they do that, then you will certainly have a wonderful year. Happy Birthday Toy...

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Toy... Happy Birthday to you!!!

Electric Lunch

Cheap Trick baybee... live at the booodo land. (Budokan)
(I had this in a split second... but frick'en Lj won't post this!!!! dam LOL


So after three hours and two unsuccessful attempts... corn kernel (unpopped) is still in his ear. Z has him at the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist (at the Hospital) and they are about to go again... third times a charm (I hope). She described the other two attempts as um ... "not pretty".. .so I'm thinking Ed's not much liking this.

I'll keep ya posted on the ballad of the Kernel.


my how things move along...
I'm at my folks house (they picked up Geo at school)... en route here Z called to say they had decided to schedule Ed into the O.R. to get the dam thing out... Our plan was for me to get here, borrow a car and get to the hospital with clothes and food... but they just opened up a spot for him so Ed is going (*gasp*) under the knife as I type... they should be home inside the hour. It's most likely a quick procedure and a local anisthetic (hence letting him leave immediately afterwards) but I just don't have all that much info.

I'll post again later tonight ... send my little nugget some good vibes - he must be rather beside himself.


(all will be well, I'm sure.)

The culpret

(note: don't try this at home!!!)

Home and all is well... To look at Ed you'd never guess... Z's tired - of course - and on the phone with her mom. They "gassed" Ed to deal with the procedure... so, no needles and no freezing.

Thank you so very much for the many well wishes, good vibes and especially to a sweet blue girl that called...