November 25th, 2001



so all seems well in the land of my web zone... server is up, domains are working and sendmail cooks!

Happy me...

Beat a headache down and now it's back to sleepytime... Night all.

(ps... for those that get the reference ... let me just say "Rrrrrrrrrip!!")

see ya in the morning.


Good name is corto... I will be you pilot this morning... please sit back, recline your chairs, put on the complimentary headphones, and turn it up.

Ok, I got nowhere to go with that so I'm dropping it...

~ wet weather gear... well sorta, old jeans, a T and I'm getting ready to put on the "go ahead, rain on me" clothes.
~ a really huge smile because I saw lianna - one of my first and most precious lj friends every - in live action streaming cuti-pie cam last night... I am more than a little crazy impressed with how adorable she is. (sammy! one of the luckiest boiz on the planet)
~ to put up the rest of the christmas lights ... in the rain.
~ to do a happy dance about how well this ADSL thing is working out.
~ that my friend billijean has a wonderfully relaxing day...
~ for MORE DETAILS from my pal starlazdaze!!!
~ and to hear from lizvang with a big ass, full on, complete story of her evening popping cherries. :D

Convo heard in my bedroom this morning...

Ed: Mom? Mom are you coming downstairs?
Z: That depends... are you going to apologize?
Ed: Ok...
Z: Well?
Ed: I'm sorry I called you a butt head NOW will you come down stairs poopy head?

K, time to start the day... do you realize how wonderful you guys are? You make my day! Damn* I am one lucky duck to have such friends.

*(spelling of "dam" correct thanks to well pierced girl in Toronto)
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Just a quick note: There are these killa low clouds just wizzing past outside... like it's getting ready to have an awesome storm.

That is all!


Long night ahead... well, if Alias is on that is. Oh, and X-Files!!

Heard moments ago, as I prepared to put Ed (pictured) in the bath... He was about to rip up a file box and I was telling him not to be a "wrecker"!!
Ed: "A boy's got to do what a boy's got to do!" (shhesh! where does he get this stuff?)

(pic taken about an hour ago...)

oh and here's a crummy picture of the lights.... I'll take good pics of the house once the snow actually flys... It's warm (yes, warm) outside right now... mild like eary September.

Later skaters...