November 20th, 2001


Dam!!! Late again...

Happy Birthday Elli

I missed ya by 3 minutes... by my clock at least...

It's elliriel's birthday - or was on the 19th...

I hope you have a wonderful year Elli and that you manage to bypass the "big dig" on all possible occasions and otherwise enjoy being in Boston (my heart is somewhere in boston... did you know that?)

May this year bring you happiness in your home and peace in your heart.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Elli, Happy Birthday to you.


Those are the fruit of the gods... those be crack! Choco covered espresso beans... and not just any beans... having sampled far and wide... I'm telling ya that the beans from Starbucks are the best.

Today really needs to beToday is going to be a great day!

So I hereby decry that everybody should run out and buy some of these and power back a handful.... Just think of them as inexpensive anti-depressants. I'm reading around lj... started out feeling sorry for myself and ended up feeling good only by comparison. I felt so down yesterday... and it seems I was in good company. I'm thinking random smooches and sarcasm a' plenty is the order of the day.

~ a very denim day...
~ a trip to a client site ... hopefully for the morning...
~ on avoiding the computer tonight... (lol...)
~ for a portable mp3 player...
~ I was all the way out in Lianna-land on Thursday.... :D
~ I hadn't forgot my cell phone (again)... dam.
~ some of my friends would check out my web site and give me some feedback on the interface to the Survivor II Updates... oh, and there's part of a new gallery up as well as an interface to the week-of morning Lj pictures.

Have you ever noticed that your nose filles with the scent of burning leather when you read gardengnomes's journal? I'm just say'en...
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It's after 11:00, back at my desk... and it's definately crack time...

*with a little charlottesville tossed in for good measure. :D


jimminy crickets... would someone please log out of realplayer charlottesville so I can listen!!!! :D

... a clue...

Being in a "smiley" good mood and doing a little dance holding the ends of your trench coat belt all schmappy like get's ya an extra cookie in your lunch from the lady that works behind the counter in the deli downstairs... :D