November 19th, 2001



man... I have a sinus headache... can ya tell? crum! Waking up with a headache is a serious contender for the worst way to wake up.

On a lighter note, I managed to finish a major chunck of formatting for the next release on my web site last night... it's some additions to the navigation of the site but mostly it's the posting of the whole Survivor II Updates series. It's less about having the actual updates posted and more about working out a format for posting that much text. I should have it "live" tonight... I have moi text stuff I want to post on The Playground... this should move that along nicely.

hey! do you know Jean? a long time friend here in lj land... ldygwynedd
Today is Jean Day... love your local Jean... squeeze a Jean... hug a Jean... Find a Jean and tickle her. No really. :D And if you push too hard? She may red card ya!

~ black ftl's and sox... hushpuppy shoes...
~ that's it... hahaha.. yea right... maybe if I started working from home...
~ pale green/beige pants, the nipple shirt and a p-z sweater.
~ to go a management meeting... (totally ug) first thing...
~ to pound off two client reports
~ then check email and lj... :D
~ that the good vibe I've read about with some of my friends this weekend carries forward into the week...

Sometimes the friends I have here in lj land seem to bring out massive amounts of introspection... it's not a good or bad thing... it just is. I cannot - will not? - escape some of the empathy that rides on my back like a smack-addiction. I feel so much emotional context when I get deep into reading journals... why am I telling you this? When I wish for things to go well for my friends... you just gotta know that I really mean it. It makes me so unbelievably happy to read about things going right! love being tickled... life giving back to you… and when you guys hurt? yea... Sometimes I'm far too emotional. Pretty sucky huh… oh well.. deal with it. :D


not good.
but not good.
can't put my finger on it.
looks like general mondayblue.
feels like...

tries looking inward
find endless fields of color
seeing black and white