November 16th, 2001



~ jeans and the orange strip shirt... this is getting to be a friday uniform!
~ oh, and yea... it's a friday, my ass is getting recognize the sensation of friday...
~ um... basic black.
~ to finish up the Survivor update...
~ to put on the corto-werk cam...
~ that I get a chance to catch up on lj... I took last night off from computer land.
~ for time to get my Kym (nbbmom) fix today...

So did you check the millionaire show last night...? I caught a few minutes of that. I saw Carol Alt (Yashin's date)... k, am I alone in saying that she looked absolutely fucking horrible? The bunch of them looked like they were going to expire - or already had... ick. Sorry if your a super fan of these dates but the whole twig-giant supermodel look is sick when there's not air brush. I *cough* watched a few minutes of the Vic Secret thing with Z ... as much as I like the frilly bits... I'm still saying that half the girls look really unattractive 90% naked. I guess the tall 15 year old figure is cool for modeling the sort of clothes the big name designers put out there but mostly they look like a few trips to taco bell would be a blessing. ick X 2.

(cloudy nights are starting to really piss me off... I'm praying for a clear night.)

Survivor 3 Update!


Survivor III : Update

The Mountain Dew Episode

Wherein the butt tic girl gets more shock therapy then Charles Manson, mountain dew expands in tiny tummies, Frank continues to be a dick head, Clarence sharpens a knife and Uncle Jeff gets to be bossy!!!

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So it's sunny and beautiful outside today... dam dam dam cold but sunny and blue sky abounds...

I have a good vibe going on inside... (if I get some work done I'll feel totally jazzed... :D).

um... Kym? (nbbmom)... what's that song .... um... it's (I think early 80's and want to say Nazerith but part of me says no...) it's kind of a two part song... first part has one theme going on ... and the second part gets a wee bit more mellow and INCLUDES THE CHORUS "switching to glide..." umm... "nothing matters but the weekend, from a tuesday point of view..."

ahhhhh this is driving me nuts... It's practically an anthem class song...

I am dying to hear this song... :( but I can't remember the name...


A couple of guys in the office bought those little pen size laser pointers... they're dancing around the office making the light saber sounds and doing the obi wan kinobee deal... hahaha.. "Luke... I am your fawwther".

G20 stuff.

Ok,,, the pic sucks... but you just see the first of a HUGE line of riot cops... this is out my window at work.

The G20 deal is getting nasty... riot cops, dogs, pepper spray... nobodies getting wooped yet... BIG SHOW of force by the cops though... The protesters just kinda turned and went any-other direction...

Man those dogs look mean.