November 13th, 2001


ahhem... *cough* ... G'morning lj...

Do you ever have mornings when you could just eat Blossom up? I mean, when you wake up and the first thing you're thinking about is starting at her toes and get every part of her in your mouth and essentially gobble her up? Start at the toes, and work your way up…

Holy crap! It is just whacked in lj lately... anybody keeping track of the phases of the moon here? We are clearly about two weeks past copious complaints of cramps and aggressive drama across Lj land... I'm just say'en.

~ the pale green/beige pants,
~ company golf shirt and a really nice sweater z gave me... um, last year?
~ trench coat... with liner and a scarf... brrrrrr.... it's cold out there.
~ to see the counselor (sp?) with z this morning... We're still going and it really seems to be a good part of what's working for us.
~ to try and get the fuzz out of my mouth...
~ live at a client site all afternoon....
~ peace and continued strength to my friends across the United States (let alone in New York). My heart is heavy with are for you guys.
~ I could phone Bill - aristophren (my new official owner!)
~ I would remember to keep better track of who's on-line with my site before, um... well, just before. :D
~ for a wonderful day to roll across my lj friends lives...

Quick note: Please forgive me taking light of this if you actually live in Morristown, Tenn. and know this guy, but I'm talking Darwin Awards here... a guy died in Morristown yesterday from complications arising from spray painting his whole body orange for Halloween... the fumes got to him.