November 12th, 2001


Morn'en Lj...

K, now listen... this is an important "astronomical" week... the leonoid (sp?) meteor shower is normally on this week... 10 -15 shooting stars per hour... but this year we're (the planet) passing through the debris trail of a comet and we can (reasonably) expect 1000 - 1500 shooting stars per hour!!!! No shuttle launches... Hubble Telescope is shut up tight and the International Space Station is secured... they (space geeks) are seriously worried about meteors hitting satellites. It should be a spectacular show... go outside on a clear night at 11:pm - 2:am and look up!

~ all about snug boxers today.
~ dk blue cotton cargos.. kinda linty, actually.
~ that big turtle neck.
~ dem shoes...
~ planning on pushing the envelope a bit today... want to talk to my boss about some work/client issues... he'll either respect me or just hate me a little more.
~ in honour of November 11, Remembrance Day, all federal offices are closed... so we wont be out at our only actual client site today...(my team that is), so it's sounding a lot like a documentation day today. (note: actually not squished on the bus today.... yea!)
~ still hoping that somebody out there shared my lj friendship with screaminbanshee... who has recently deleted... I'd love an email addi just to correspond enough to know she's ok.
~ I didn't have this stoooopid red pimple on my chin...
~ interesting note... I'm hoping all goes well for my friend ladyfire in her new... um... half-house... power to ya baby... :D
~ for a little good health vibe to crawl over to my friend nextproblem - take care of yourself Emily…

Hey... I gotta say wow... I read back in some of my friends journals last night... and it's totally obvious how much more self-confidence has crept into their lives. This is me hoping the trend continues…
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... Just take those old records off the shelf...

music and passion were always in fashion
At the copa.... they fell in love

... come on ... you can hear the words in your head....

His name was Rico
he wore a diamond
he was escorted to his chair, he saw Lola dancing there
and when she finished,he called her over
but Rico went a bit to far

Only slightly left of that... my son, the six year old, and I were alone in the house for a bit yesterday... so I had garbage playing, um,.. rather loud... George grabs a turkey baister from the utensils drawer... you know ... the long plastic tube with the squishy bubble on the end...

In perfect classic style ripped directly from the opening scenes of Risky Business, George is doing a Tom Cruise down the hall sliding on his knees into the kitchen singing Paranoid (garbage v.2.0). He's never seen risky business... he's six. It really was quite priceless...

He gets kinda mad when you catch him "acting" but he and I - when we're alone in the house - are kinda shameless, singing and dancing all over the place. :D


Hey... so listen... in a nice calming voice... send out a few moments of good vibe to my friend aristophren... he's expecting some news shortly and I really want the world to wrap him in a warm feeling when it comes in.

Peace yo and remember that great friends will share the weight of any burden.