November 9th, 2001


Morning Lj...

~ um... it's friday! Leopard print... (pick, pick)
~ jeans and the orange stripe p-z shirt
~ dem big-ass shit kicker shoes...
~ on keeping a low profile at work... yea right!
~ to write a S3 update...
~ to talk to my boss and his boss about a client problem. (sounds fun right?)
~ you mean besides wishing I was in Toronto last night?
~ feeding my kids breakfast wasn't a military engagement....

I have no idea if that picture is working ... if it isn't.. um, it's a full on naked shot of me looking all Apollo like... um... if it is... hehe... well then you already know I'm a wee bit full of it... (surprise)... and in that case, the blonde is Ed doing his best to not wake up.

word 'em up homeslice...


Did YOU tape the TIC last night?
Do YOU love me?
If I promise to be your lj love slave forever... will you mail me the tape?

Survivor 3 Update !

Survivor III : Update

Got a plan? Chuck it... My name is Jeff and you now Hate me!

Wherein The Samburu and Boran tribes essentially become the Boruru and Samban fry pans... On the menu? The testosterone petri dish and the rubber duck squeak toy; Silas and Lindsey...
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