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G'night lj...

psssst! have you been looking around... so many good vibes... so many stories of people finding either themselves, happy mediums, friends, lovers... yowzers! it's like a wave that rolls across this place... You guysgive great head! I mean Head Space... as in, really make me glad I'm reading all this stuff...

peace out yo.

and have a good sleep.

Morn'en Lj...

k, today is not starting great... I was in way too much of a rush and the kid thing was very frustrating. It's silly season in my house so everything get's tense... but (and it's a heartfelt but) I can deal...

~ still hangin with jeans... and the blue shirt / orange stipe.
~ and - *gasp* - no thong today...
~ to figure out how to manage a day without my cell phone... (fogot it)
~ to connect the corto-werk cam
~ go to a client at some point... must put in some geek time with them...
~ to finish at S3 update...
~ that the good vibes crawling around lj keep the faith and hang for the weekend. It was a full moon the other night... and (sorry if this is indelicate) but a whole big bucket of my lj friends seem to have their periods about 4 days after the full moon... in the words of sergeant what-ever-his-name-was on Hill Street Blues (not that too many of you will remember that show....) "Be careful out there..."

Love you guys... later.

it's all good...

Got food... (good food)
Got chips... (bad food)

got a smile (thanks to this girl and her overalls... :D)

got great friends...

basically... I really feel like I "got a lot" lately... work could be better... but that's work.

oh... and I got a rolling stones cow bell ringing in my right ear... and mick talking about a gin soaked bar room queen in my left. (corrected thanks to moowazz reminding me I don't have two right ears... :D)

I really need to stop singing out loud with head phones on at work.

Suvivor 3 Update!

Survivor III : Update

The Vulger Episode Review!

Wherein ...I swear a lot. Old people get crusty and young people act their age and Everybody gets to play Lego Creator... Africa Style.

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This is Rob.

He's the guy I've talked about before but you'll have forgotten...

I want him to get a journal... he fucking rawks... great story teller and basically a great guy.


Hiya lj

Just getting an evening of kiddie stuff underway... thought I'd check and see what yer all up too... holy posting frenzy!!

Have a great friday night... I wonder if I can get to cruze Lj later... hmmmmm