November 1st, 2001


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Holy-squish batman... I got me Juan and his six hundred pounds of stuff piled up on the seat with me... comfy. (note to new friends... these morning posts are typed up on a hand-held hp jornada 820 while I'm commuting to work on a packed bus....)

Today is layoff day for eight coworkers... and unless my boss is lying outright to me, only one of the eight is off of my team. He (dead man walking) suspects... he called me last night. I feel terrible about it but I've done everything I can while I'm busy saving the rest of the team.

~ total denim day ... blue jeans, blue t and company (ug) denim shirt.
~ brand spanking new black ftl snug boxers... and dem big ass shoes.
~ working on my resume...
~ watching Survivor 3 tonight...
~ that my friend billijean feels better today... ouchi bruise on her hip.
~ I get to listen to my friend nbbmom today... (practically the best part of my average day...)

So, I know this girl name liz. She's a lovely girl. You could call her lovely liz. She had a lofty idea. Now things didn't go exactly as expected for lovely lofty liz. In fact, it was a bit of a letdown. So I'm here to tell ya that when my lovely liz has a lofty letdown I wanna lift her spirits. She deserves it... she's sweet and smart and already famous!
So let today be lift a lofty letdown lovely liz day!
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Not sure why but I can post... but I can't log in ... a morning without lj is like a morning with Anita Bryant doing a porno... oh wait, that can't be how it goes... oh yea... "is like a morning without sunshine"... that's better.

Lj Birthday Babies...

Once there was a boi...

Happy Birthday choco_orangutan

(and btw Nic... sheesh... what a handle!)

This guy snuck on my ages ago and well, here it is... a birthday. This is a very poetic man... I hope this next year brings you all the chances you desire to express yourself and that you fill your personal time with the close friends you just wanna squish!

And then there was a girl....

Happy Birthday canuckgirl

It's Cathy's birthday... and boy oh boy ... you gotta know that I am totally down with exactly what I'm wishing she gets for her birthday this year... :D (~grin and snicker)

Fill yer boots baybee... I hope you find your way to a much grander understanding of lifes more subtle pleasures... let alone lifes messy, wet, "k'mere and scratch me" pleasures...

And ... as always, I hope for your good fortune and that joy sneaks up on you on a regular basis. Your a good friend and I will always be here for you ... :D

Happy Birthday to you(s)... Happy Birthday to you(s)... Happy Birthday deal Nic and Cathy,... Happy Birthday to you(s). </marqee>

Ps... Aristophren

Yo! Bill
I wanna be able to comment on your post... but lj won't let me... Peace brother... Don't let the stess bite you. Things are hard enough without you caving in. Suck it up and stay together. This way you get to make it through. That way we get to be friends for a long long time... and that way I'll get to meet you eventually.

Take care and be well. You have good and true friends holding threads of hope for you all over.


I'm about to go get a flu shot...

The questionairre you fill out prior to the shot asks a bunch of questions about things you react to... seeing as nobody down at the clinic has a sense of humour I'm gonna get this out of my system here so I don't go ruining anybodys day down there...


Question #6: Do you react to anything else? (e.g. latex, dry natural rubber) Why yes indeed... I become arroused. Am I likely to confront any latex or rubber here in the clinic?

Thank you for your time... please ignore the man behind the curtain.

Hiya lj...

So it's like 2:15 ... do you know where all your employees are?

I'm off to a punk-ass meeting with some pimples at a major bank... clients... I'm kinda "off" this project but the boss wants me to keep being the whipping boy for a while... and between you and me???? If I'm gonna be someones whipping boy... I wanna at least be able to taste burning leather... ya know... maybe a little dynamic tension... but here??? Nooooooooo. Just old farts giving me a hard time. hahaha...

Yup... I'm all over the crack today.

Heard a good song on my way to work.... Nicotena (no actual idea how to spell that)

best part of today? I got to talk to an angel in the morning... kinda soothes my soul.

please note: I used "angel" and "soul" here and spell'ed 'em both right... this has got to be a record or sumthin... :D

I sure hope Lj is working a bit later... maybe enough to load a friends page... and print it for the drive home...