October 4th, 2001


tick tick tick..

T-Minus 57 minutes till the show starts... (well, my show at work) Somebody with wings on her back wished me luck already so I'm thinking I'm covered...

Got me some fresh crack! little dark brown balls of it all over my keyboard... corto is trippen on choco covered 'spresso.. yea baby... YEA! ... oh, sorry. (~shhhhh grin).

news! My boss made it official privately with me a little while ago... my team is about to be cut in half... they're re-assigning the database support group away from me and consolidating it with two other database support groups under a new manager. I could care less and it's no biggie... kinda makes life easier but it reduces my "company profile" and I should be able to guilt the boss into something over it... but it sure takes a chunk out of my raison d'raise if you know what I mean... (- insert swear word here - ) (ahhh screw it... FUCK) :D
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    3wv (Charolottesvill ON CRACK)

tick tick crash...

T-Minus 20 minutes...

Um... Corto, could you integrate these 6 slides into the show and develop 20 minutes of dialogue to go along with it?


how do you spell busy? C-R-A-C-K.