September 21st, 2001


Lj Birthday Babies...

Happy Birthday Jessica

It's moonmama's birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday sugar... I hope this is a wonderful year for you ... :D

You are a really sweet friend and I wish you all the best...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jessica, Happy Birthday to you....

Edit: Eak!!!! I really blew this one.. .I just edited this... I'm all about appologising now.. cause I mixed you (moongirl) up with someone else.. happy birthday nontheless...


What dip... me that is... When I mentioned Saturday Night Live and their season opener (here) I was mistaken in thinking it was scheduled for this weekend... it's not until next (September 29) weekend...

Lj Really Late Birthday Babies...

Happy Late Birthday Lucinda

Did I mention this thematic issue I'm having with birthdays? Well I missed one a while ago... on August 29th to be exact. I remember mentioning my love for this woman that week somewhere… but somehow, in the thick of Lj birthday reminders being off, I missed a bd that really and truly needed remembering.

There is a woman in Canada that recently carried the emotional ball for her baby girl (Olivia) - one of four kiddlettes - when Olivia contracted H.U.S. - Hemolytic Ureic Syndrome (sp?) and had to go and stay at the hospital for what? a month? Read about it here whatever it was it was horrific and my heart remained heavy every day that she was there.... Nothing NOTHING compares to the joy of reading that she had recovered and was home with her sibs.

Lucinda? roaring_woman!! You deserve to roar to shout out for the love you deserve and the companionship a life needs to complete.

This is my very late birthday wish for roaring_woman... for a super hero mom and a seriously knock down amazing adorable woman. (well, just look at her! she's a fox and a Canadian!)… but seriously sweety, you have a lot to manage - I cannot image how you do it - and I hope and pray for this to be a year filled with good news and happiness for you.

Peace love and warm hugs.


note: I am becomming progressively PISSED OFF because it's really feeling like I've aggrivated the hernia I had operated on ... what? two months ago!!! argggg!

BB2 Update!!! (the very last one!)

BB2 Update: "Congratu-dam-lations Will The Final Episode"

So I was worried this would be pretty straight forward with nothing to say except "ye ha William The Conqueror takes the prize"... I was wrong... This was actually fun!!

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Later ...

So today is a wrap!

See that guy behind me? That's Tim... my partner in most things at work... he's just spent a majority of the day playing "unreal tournament" with his team - all supported off our Unreal-Tourni LINUX server maintained in our work-lab. Nice way to kill a Friday...

This is me on Friday talking to you guys... haha... like the lightening bolt!

Listen just a quick note on all the political stuff I see going on around journal land... I gotta wade into this one and feel free to quote me on this but...

don't be assholes

Geez... do you actually think a political leader in Canada or the United States gets to write his own material? And do you really suspect that the Republican Party decided on their own to be idiotic and have a major gaff like that for... for... what? fun?

Come on people... this was all - very most likely - agreed upon long in advance of the actual speech. Canada is happy (from a military/industrial/political framework) to remain the undeserving snubbed little brother... meanwhile our intelligence agents are penetrating farther and farther into the land of the un-free and arranging more clandestine solutions. Regardless, why take the time to get all mad at each other in Journal land... this is the sort of communications medium that the rest of world (the unfree part) can only dream of having unfettered access to... and we have it without any problem what-so-ever. Enjoy this close relationship and stop judging one another... let alone getting personal about the shit our governments do. Not a single person on this journal has the foggiest idea why Canada was disregarded in that speech last night... deal with it from that level instead of letting yourselves draw lines in the sand and getting all pissy about stuff.

Remember that love carries a much bigger stick than anger. K'mere... I got a stick for ya... :D

Have a super weekend my friends ... I love you all so much it's silly.
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