September 17th, 2001


Lj Birthday Babies...

Lj Birthday Babies...

Happy late Birthday Sirenity

eak!!! I'm late I'm late I'm late I'm late
(story of my life today)

YESTERDAY was sirenity's birthday. I'm terifically sory that I missed your day.

A young woman living in the lasd of milk and honey... well, almost. Coming to you live from Hawaii, (Honolulu actually) Sirentiy has been gracing my friends pages for many months with beautiful pictures of a lovely land and a wonderful spirit... Everybody needs some sirenity in their lives! Oh, and did I mention that she looks a lot like there should be wings on her back? She's a dark haired angel... with a heart stopping smile. :D

I hope you have a wonderful year sugar. And try not to eat too many pineapples huh?
Ps. Notice that I avoided the "lay" jokes… :D

Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday dear Sirenity… Happy Birthday to you.

Lj Birthday Baby!!!!

Happy Birthday Kristy


See that!!! The drawing directions really know my girl Kristy…
Lower left "no hips!!"
Lower right "Keep those legs together…"
Upper left "Avoid unnecessary distraction for the masses of men out there… avoid radom thigh shots!"

You too can learn to draw a little Kristy -

A year ago my life became so much less complicated… you see I managed to run head long into the one woman that makes everything just be alright after all. Out of the clear blue sky came the light of a million suns reflected in her eyes… in her smile… the smile that melt your heart. Have I told you that I love … no really LOVE! this woman? I do, with every ounce of me…

Today is kristylicious's birthday… She's what? Turning 25 today… yea that's it. She'll turn 25 a year from today as well… There has never been a more deserving girl of the super-hero Mom handle than the ever-delicious Kristy.

When she's not living la vida loca in the country surrounding LA, she's busy being my dream girl in a skirt behind the gates of Warner Brothers… Or maybe she's taking her little man, Zac, on another adventure… Then again, she could be breaking hearts and causing a stir - well, she does that where ever she goes!!!

May this next year bring you some of the joy that you have so gladly passed around to your friends and family.

May your heart fill with the love of the men in your world (Zac and Mel!) and have enough space left to hold a wee bit of the love that I will always and forever have to give you.

And… I hope that this year gets off to a great start with a resolution to the whole house-hunting-blues thing.

Kristy, Blossom… if you were any sweeter, the sugar lobby would be gunning for you!

Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday dearest Kristy… Happy Birthday to you.


changed my mind... no movie... goofing around a bit and then early to bed... something I sorely need to do...

later lj land.

ps. I can't actually get to my friends page so I hope to read ya'll tomarra.