September 13th, 2001


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So tomorrow is show the colours day for my friends... the citizens of the United States of America.

This time of crisis, this time of solidarity, is worth sharing. I hope that my desire to stand with you all is understood as solidarity and a show of support.

As a proud Canadian boy, I will fly your flag with mine. Together we will always be stronger.

ok... few things...

I'm sitting (cam on!) and clearing a few details up about that documentation I've been all stressed about lately, sending a few notes to texas about the User Group meeting I'm hosting next week, checking Lj and then I'm going TO BED!!!!

Somebody frigg'en kill me if I'm not in bed before 12:00 tonight!

oh, and Cathy!! canuckgirl I got your postcard!!!

This was the cruise ship that Z and I took our Honeymoon on!!! (the story is in one of my Lj memories)

Later skaters.