September 7th, 2001


Oh my... almost forgot..

Happy Birthday ursusmaritimus

Chaz... the man in the uniform... the worst nightmare of creepy night crawlers... hehe...

Happy birthday dude and I hope that life hands you some sweet juicy grapes and a soft hand to feed 'em to you right quick... I have no idea what's missing from your life so I'll just give my birthday wishes for things that make you go Hummmmmmmm!

Have a great day and a fantastic year.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Super Cop Chazzzzzz... Happy Birthday to you.


I'm at a client site... client looks away from and over to my coworker, grinning... coworker chuckles and says: "well, you only have to deal with him for a few hours... I get him every day!"

BB2 update!

BB2 Update: The "Payback-is-a-Bitch in the Loser Lounge" Episode.

Well, this was a really straightforward episode... and best of all, they finally explained how things will work during the final two weeks.

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Hey Birthday Babies...

Happy Birthday cablondi and diskobox

Is your name really Natasha? It's dawn... (sorry) I hope our recently renewed and invigorated friendship grows and hangs all year long sugar... and I sincerely hope this is a year filled with wonder and warm fuzzy vibes for you. Life is complicated... your Lj friends shouldn't be! (hahaha... )

May your year be all bulked up with friendships... and lovers... ok, maybe not actual lovers... maybe precious people that make you feel warm and fuzzy all over!!!! and I hope that you have the kind of experiences that make you certain there is a really really good reason to be here... (in life that is...)

My 3 year old (Edward) and I sang the birthday song specially for you guys and you can listen to it ... HERE! and we used the "natasha" name... but but... somehow I thought your name was not that... :O
Edit: DAWN DAWN... I am such a goof... I knew it was dawn... well, I didn't when I was singing... but eak!


I have a series of still images... and I'd like to assemble a little animation... any ideas on how I do this?

I thought I could do it with webcam32 but ... dam that program and AVI's confuses the hell out of me...

anyone? anyone... Buller?