September 5th, 2001


BB2 Update!

BB2 Update: The harder they fall!

Well it had to happen... Remember that song by Shakespear's Sister? "Stay"... remember the goth'ed out singer (Marcella Detroit)? Nichole clearly is giving that woman a run for her money in the looking evil department. Tonight's show was essentially a Nomination show but it also brought to a head two months of strategy... brought it to a head and slapped that head ... hard.

Note: I could load this up with spoilers on stuff... it's been days and days since the last show... but I will refrain. Remember there's a show tonight at 8:00pm EST.

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That Phone Number...

Ripped from a pack of DuMaurier Cigaretters...

it's just friggin psycho weird... some sort of a Mission Impossible theme - cept I wasn't willing to give 'em all my personal data... so I hung up.


I'm kinda on a sick - watch... Edward is talkin about how his teeny tummy feels icky and then spent some time doubled over in a cramp... either he ate too much dinner (possible) or he may be coming down with a flu... (also possible) ... So I'm listening for the sound of ... well the sound of him getting ready to toss.

(please please please puke on the bed - plastic matress cover - and not over the rail of the bunk bed...)

* another lovely thought brought to you by your friendly neighborhood corto.

Time out for Feng Shui:

DO place a large or heavy piece of furniture in the south area of the living room to "anchor" your family when you move into a new home. When you want to sell the house or move away, remove the item.