August 29th, 2001


BB2 Update!!

BB2 Update: The Bully and the Bitch Show...

Well maybe there is a god after all... we'll see on Thursday. Right now, from all I can get out of the live feeds (although I'm a day behind) and the show, it's looking like Will is golden and the Bunk is toast. The only real reason is that Hardy is just so caught up in his opinions.

We were treated to some serious Nichole tonight... Scenes straight out of her darkest PMS moments. It was the "Edit Show" so we had three days of goofing around to look at, a luxury competition, the America's choice thing and a shit load of watching Nichole be an outstanding snarky biatch!!

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Holy Moly...

what a surprise... Today was the day that Z was to play golf with her office "golf tourney" so the boiz would be at daycare until I got home from work... When the boiz and came through the door we saw a package!!!

For no other reason than a random act of super-kindness, my pal gliterybuterfly sent me something thoughtful, something sweet, something stimulating and something sweeter... and big bag of crack (ok, not really crack)

Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul
Starbucks Breakfast Blend
Yummies for Geo and Ed - a lollypop-dipper, and remember those wax things with the sweet juice in them?!!!
A bottle of bubbles...
and!! A bag of choco covered espresso beans...

thank you sugar... you are the sweetest.
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