August 26th, 2001


BB2 Update

BB2 Update: Ego's and Eggshells... Everybody is walking on something.

Ok, this was the nomination show and the true beginning of the end-game. With that comes a healthy dose of the absurd. There is no shortage of the vulgar in this update and that's only because it's there to report on. Be warned...

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I need suggestions... foods for Geo to take to Grade One as lunch.

he will not eat sandwhich meat.

he will not eat eggs

he will not eat cheese.

He does not yet realize that he is a natural vegitarian.

He will eat vegitables like crazy... so yes, we're thinking little thermos of vegitable soup.

He will eat buttered bread... but the peanut alergy thing means no peanut butter and nothing with nuts.

Fruit-to-go (little fruit leather strips) ... crackers... cold pizza slices... um???? ?


Well it's been blowing up a storm here all day but now? Now it's turning black night fall...

As they say... "Something wicked this way comes...."