August 23rd, 2001


Lj?? a big drum!

Wow... ok.. so I'm working too hard... just got back to the office from a day of crazy busy... So I printed up the friends pages... um... lets see, grab stapler... 18 pages, 22 pages, 21 pages and 13 pages... gets me back to my morning post. YIKES. And I still need to finish the BB2 Update... Why don't they pay me to sit around here and play? dam all this work... hahahaa...

Later Lj... Time to sit on a buss and read all about your days...

"I don't wanna work... I just wanna bang on this drum all day... "TR

Ok... later skaters...
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BB2 Update

BB2 Update: Smack! Hello? Hardy... wake up you bonehead!

So the "special night" bb episode was the HoH selection show for the week that got all messed up to fix the problem created for the series when Justin-credible held that knife to Krista's neck (et al.) Tossing him off the show meant they needed to make up a week... and this was it. There is no "live" show tonight... and it'll be a "nomination" show on Saturday (at 9:00pm EST).

BB is certainly trying to make things entertaining for the House-mats ... however it's very quickly becoming "all about the end-game" and the immense stupidity of some of these people is really shining through...

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mmm... I'm eating chocolate fudge... this doesn't suck. :D

Hey... I got a postcard from sandcat... Ivy! Thank you so much. That was very sweet. I have this wonderful wall of postcards from Lj friends that is growing all the time. (It does kinda feel special to get these little messages from you guys while you're on vacation!!)

errrgggg I'm sitting here (cam is on btw) trying desperately to remember something... no idea... not even the foggiest... and - you know the feeling - it's just on the edge of my memory. (drat!)

Oh well.. I'll proly remember the moment I post this.

Time to try and read some email from Gina!!
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