August 1st, 2001


BB2 Update

BB2 Update... It's Anybody's Ball Game

The objectification of a hard-body... the shaving of everyone else's... the scenes you'll never see on national teevee... and, of course, old people being abused. Yes, the Tuesday Big Bro "What'll we do with all this tape?" episode has come and gone.

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It's knife time!

Ok, so please don't eat or drink anything starting now... show up at the hospital at about 3:30 and we'll slice and dice between then and 11:00 pm tonight... alrighty?

Seems I rate a "class 3" emergency surg... this is low on the totem pole but means I'll get the operation pronto!

I'll definately be out of commission for the next day or so...

so, once again... later skaters..

(pssst. Do you think, when they say "Nothing to eat or drink" ... well, you don't think that includes crack and coffee right?)