July 21st, 2001



Ok... no question about it... I definitely have oggitosis this morning... Must find toothbrush...

I had a nice night last night... nothing special besides squaring off on the home front a bit but that's here nor there. Managed to get some quality time in with alcestis (which is always a serious pleasure for me... an old balding guy! hahahaha)
But it's garage sale day again for the Z girl so she's up and gone...
~ wooly sox on my tongue
~ old comfort clothes (sweat pants etc)
~ nice long hot shower
~ to wear nicer clothes than these...
~ to brush my teeth! (:D)
~ to chill and for sure watch BB2 tonight. (ps. wow did they ever go nutty last night!!)
~ to do a little dance when billijean comes home... (I miss that girl)
~ for an update from the girl with the ear-to-ear grin
~ to reach across the miles and pinch Dolores...
~ I knew why I got dropped by a bunch of friends yesterday (I know, I know, ebb and flow and I'm supposed to just let 'em go... but some people are special dammit and ten was definitely special to me!
~ for a note from lakme I WANT TO CALL YOU but I want to when I should call... (hugs and yes)

Any hooo... long day ahead.
If you emailed me yesterday afternoon, let alone left an lj comment to some remote thread... It's stuck in Hotmail. I launch the Messenger and it teases me with "58 new e-mail messages" but like I can run Hotmail? NO!.
So I've switched my Lj email account over to my domain sendmail account 'cause I'm going to be home for a week... so fine! I like hotmail though...


She's still out garage sale'ing... and I just finished a massive kitchen clean up... we're talking about washing counters... not wiping counters... even those holders of all-that-burns ... you know under the stove elements... LOL... Ok, i'm making fun of myself here... Nobody here (home) notices clean-ups... only messes.

This is life... oui?

Ok... clarification

Hotmail worked fine at work... NT Workstation with IE 5, on a T1.

At home? Nadda... Win98 on cable modem.... nut'ten... I get the log-in screen and then it just sits there trying to build that blue bar at the bottom of the screen...



some nights it takes for ever to get them in bed... and willing to stay there...

Get them all settled and done... and Ed wants to go pee in his potty... no complaints woho etc. but that does mean Geo is up with him... we all truck downstairs, do the big hoorah thing and then potty treats... then something to drink after the potty treat... then back to beds... eak. It's like 9:55 pm PM!!!

Ok... big bro or Castaway?