July 20th, 2001


Lj Birthday Baby...

Happy Birthday Gary

A fellow "cake" man, andysocial is off celebrating a birthday today... well yesterday... I'm late... Thursday the 18th was his big day. He is the maintainer of the evil xxxmas archive... hahaha and a long time lj friend.

I hope this year brings you new and more curious ways of presenting statistical analyses of your web pages and a whole bucket full of fun in the world that includes sunshine and moon light.

Peace yo and I sincerely wish you well with this next year!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Gary, Happy Birthday to you...

Morn'en Lj...

Wowzers... I had a serious nightmare last night... well actually, this morning. It was light out when I woke up from it. It's sketchy, but recall the notion that I was showing George (he's in the picture above stick'en his tongue out) some kind of platform that would rise up... like maybe something carried by a hot air balloon. I can clear as a bell see us going up and my saying "Ok Geo, look there... that's out house... that's out city... that's our province.... that's Canada... " and yes... it just kept going up... the vision locked in my head is being at the height of an orbiting spacecraft and looking down on a continent with a giant swirling weather system. K, now, I'm remarkably afraid of heights. I can usually deal quite well with it, because I, quite frankly, am a masochist sometimes. I don't mind leaning over the edge of a tall building or climbing a tree... but don't make me stand there and watch you lean over the building edge... I'll go banana's. So I became gripped with that heart pounding, breath stopping fear of being up so high with George.... and we began descending... It became too much and I woke up out of the sheer inability to continue processing the fear. I woke up just baked from the experience.
~ Friday and I'm not caving in this week... I'm wearing casual and that's final.
~ blue jeans, company golf shirt, and dem big-ass shoes.
~ a 10:30 meeting at the bank (client) that will be as much fun as a trip to the dentist... um, scratch that... my hygienist is a doll...(pillows?) um "a trip to a funeral parlor" ...
~ more time sheets... I'm away from work next week and I have to get all my end-of-month stuff done.
~ to write a BB2 update...
~ that I get to read a nice update from kristylicious on her adventure yesterday.
~ that carrie a) forgives me for the IIS insult last night and b) makes good on the spanking thing... :D
~ for my friend lakme to get past this bout of the deepest blues. yes I meant it... it wouldn't be without issues... but so?
~ with all of my heart that things are well with roaring_woman who most definitely has more important things going on than playing here... but that isn't gonna stop me from sending prayers her way and keeping the house-of-hope open day and night.

oh, I heard this joke the other day and I thought it would make a great fill in the blank.
This girl sits down at a bar and orders a drink. The guy next to her says "hi" and asks her what her name is.... She says "Carmen". "Oh", he says, "that's a pretty name... did you mom or dad pick it?"
She comes back with "No, I actually changed my name to Carmen last year.... see I like cars and I like men, so... Carmen". What's you name? she asks...
Oh, with a smile he replies "__________-________"

k so...

The bank meeting is done... and now I have about two days work to do before the end of the day... I got a call mid meeting from Z... she's coming down with something and is busy busy busy being unhealthy... poor girl. I feel bad but I just cannot blow off the rest of the day when I'm off all next week.

On a good note... I just got a fantastic chair massage from a coworker... I give those out all the time... but only rarely get one back... You know there are companies that include professional chair massages as part of the benefit package...

ps. there is a big pile of slightly drying skin bits all over the floor beside nbbmom's chair at the radio station... LOL...

BB2 Update

BB2 Update - "How Do You Spell Relief? 7 - 0"

Well the prevailing winds carried a little bit of humanity... or are they just chicken?

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crack induced mental sizzle.

*tick tick...

the lights are off now...
the waiting begins.

sitting on the edge of the bed
you know I am crouching behind you

warm breath crawling across your neck
a cool breeze whispers across you face

* tick

fingers reaching up into your hair

not quite biting... but only just.
you're head snaps back

you can feel your heart pumping
the pounding of my chest against your bare back...
our hearts race together...

a finger slips across your lips and into your mouth
my tongue is trailing down the length of your neck
words reach your ears almost unheard...

you suck...
uncontrolled, a strangled cry escapes into my hand...

we fall back, your head on my chest
my hands move across your breasts...
and you shudder, knowing full well...

the ropes are surely next.

*tick tick...
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