July 19th, 2001


Morn'en Lj.

Ok, so another day. I'm feeling not so uncomfortable with this tummy thing today... but basically, I'm sitting on a bus. How bad should it feel? :D I'm just waiting for the call to go and get the operation. Funny how something like this creeps up right before a vacation. I'm supposed to be off next week and it is gonna be a killer waste of vac time. Oh, well... one day at a time.

Remember that perspective bit? Newspaper today is talking about how in Turkey they have just passed a bill to force women in nursing, midwifery, etc. educational programs to submit to and pass virginity tests. This is a rerun of a law struck down in 1999 because 5 girls took rat poison instead of submitting to the tests... Or how about Egypt? It's not actually against the law to be gay in Egypt however any actual expression of love between peeps of the same sex is a chargeable offence.

I am so glad I am a Canadian. Oh, and speaking of that... I totally forgot to watch "That's My Bush". A TV show from the people that brought us South Park. It's a total dig on George Dubya. Anybody see it? Was it any good?

~ it's a swish swish day... my noisy pants and all the pockets (dark charcoal)
~ dark blue Point-Zero T (actually, the cargo's are PZ too... this makes me a nerd of some kind I'm sure.
~ black f.t.l.'s and fila runners (oh and d&g is there... very much liking this stuff btw).
~ to watch BB2 tonight...
~ to take it easy...
~ to clear time sheets for the team in advance of next week (planned vacation)
~ to check the webby awards results. (watched a bit last night but had to sleep)
~ that stephy_banana is feeling better soon... ad unpugs her doze. (and gets that squatchi taken care of!!!)
~ for a wonderful day to wrap itself around kristylicious ... that is if she gets her jimmy action today.

Any ways… thanks for all the nice words of concern yesterday. I feel like a bit of a whiner but blech… I hope it's a nice out where you are as it is here!!

Hotmail smotmail

So for a number of nights now MSN has been testing the new hotmail interface. I don't know if everybody gets it or not but today is the first day of "THE NEW LOOK ALL THE TIME". Well its great and all BUT IT'S SO DAM SLOW... It's driving me nuts... actually right now... it's not working at all...