July 13th, 2001


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~ maroon t with the Company golf over it... (it's a wee bit nippy out today)
~ the pale green cuffed pants and hustpuppies.
~ a killer day or running around to meetings and performing assessments...
~ to write a BB2 Update while I'm on busses and in cabs... :D
~ to call a blue girl before lunch...
~ that the good news... well, stablilizing news, of Olivia from yesterday, holds and things keep getting better with roaring_woman's family...

I gotta go ... Later Lj...

BB2 Update

BB2 Update: The Palace of Screw

Well for a while there I was pretty sure that somebody must have really screwed up in the psych department at CBS... but baby, I'm all about think'en these guys are getting raises today. No matter what you think about so-called reality TV this edition of the BB concept is cooking with gas, and that's not just a reference to Bunky's flatulence. Which by the way was characterized by Kent - the homophony - as "...well, loud as hell, but then he doesn't have a virgin ass so we can understand all that noise."

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