July 9th, 2001


Did you see he moon this morning? beautiful.

Hola, it's a beautiful morning and I'm feeling remarkably good for a Monday. I think I'll try and milk that for a while and see if I can get a great week under my belt.
ps. I was leaning over to see what Geo was doing on his mom's computer. :D
~ it's dark blue day... LOL
~ dark blue cotton cargos
~ dark blue point zero t
~ dark blue fila runners...
~ I am going super cas today, but I'm fairly certain I have no client meetings today.
~ to find kristylicious or bust (:D)
~ read up on the nights happenings at the BB2 house...
~ to find the monkey... the red hot monkey... you know what I mean?
~ for small miracles to run out to Alberta and climb all over Olivia... My friend roaring_woman deserves a break here... she's been paying dues long enough... she should have a miracle or two in the bank by now... Click me to read the latest about Olivia.
~ that somebody who knows starladaze would comment and let me know if she's ok... I miss her... she is such poet... and her heart was on her sleeve... I miss her writing.

The James Gang… does that work for anybody out there… man could they cook. Wow.

This week has got to be all about good vibes… I need 'em and the best way to get 'em is to give 'em out… so all my beach-boys guns are loaded.
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    Vanessa Amorosi - Shine

ahhh geez

Well that's that.... the live feed thing is all gone... it's now a "for pay" service...

The fact that I'm into it at all is just fuel for the ongoing Zebra fire so you can bet I won't be actually spending money on the subscrip to the live feeds...

Actually, it will be interesting to see if the volumes of information typed into the "live feed transcriptions" site at www.tvclubhouse.com keep up now that only paid-members can get the live feeds.

Personally, I think it's a big big dumb move by CBS...

They should have, at the worst, made it a sign-up for service thing so they could get a ton of info on the people that want to watch the live feeds and then made their money selling the mailing list...

Any how... it's all good in the long run... :D


~ coined by Robert Heinlen in the book A Stranger In A Strange Land
(grrr-awk) to understand, in a way that subsumes other potential subtleties in meaning.