July 8th, 2001


I gotta get this down...

I've been so frigging lucky in the last year... My "full bio" page will tell you that my journal was created on 2000-07-05 at 12:42:58. It's been a year. I really only posted first time on July 6th and really dove in on July 7.

Since then ... well some amazing things have happened to me. Chief among those things is I have rediscovered the joys of friendship. I mean, I've always had my buds... but like everyone else in this world, the circle of friends gets smaller starting on the first day after the last day of high school. And it typically shrinks on a curve right up to when you have kids, and while they're the light(s) of your life... well, bottom line, friends - is - good! My life long best friend (Kevin) is perfect... but we're in the same boat, he and I so we don't see each other enough.

My friend glossgirl dubbed this a Love Fest in Lj Land weekend... I like that idea, a lot.

Here, in the living novel (Lj) I have been fricking blessed... with friendships. I had forgotten how increadibly close you can get to caring and geniuen friends... I have a long list of Lj friends and I would hate for any of them to feel slighted by not being included here so I want to preface this LOVE FEST entry by saying that I'm taking a minute to acknowledge the precious friends that knowingly and unknowingly have made a dramatic impact in my goofy little life.... I love so many of you it's silly... but I love some for very good and special reasons.

bair, shoo and ratonil basically shepperded me in from the cold to the comfort of online contact and they may not realize how much I appreciate it... well you should know that these are very good and caring people that deserve to have the gates of happiness ripped off the hinges for them!

My private universe has been much impacted by the good advice and considered, loving friendships I have with:
~ kristylicious, my dreamy (adorable) Hollywood confident;
~ lianna the person that taught me to cry in cyber time (!!);
~ krussell, a diamond in the ring, someone very precious to me;
~ nbbmom, celebrity super hero, ass kicking wonder woman and my dream date to any concert;
~ teaser, my heart when it's on the other side of the planet;
~ ladyfire a norway bound beauty that wakes up my heart when it gets sleepy;
~ allyn who will no doubt think I'm being weird for including him here, but some inspirations have to be acknowledged and he is a wonderful man; and
~ billiejean, a spy! an agent provocateur in my mind and heart...

I hope and pray... my friends for life.

I could name a lot of people - and actually, I talk about you guys all the time... and I'm pretty confident that I make my love my friends fairly self-evident. But for now, on the anniversary of my live journal journey... I wanted to drop those names in the Love Fest hat.

hey it's like 12:30?

Hiya Lj...

~ not a lot... it's frigg'en hot out.
~ to spend the day trying... generally speaking... trying....
~ I could spend the day living...

Let's see.. up at 7:00, goof around cleaning up the kitchen and writing the BB2 update... feeding and playing with the kids... clean the basement, do computer games (math blaster) with Geo... Z? up at mmm... 11:? shower, and off to work on the chairs... Ed? playing "crane" with out digital camera...

(oh boy, I'm a on a roll eh!)
Actually, I'll get over it... just let me get something to eat...


Cooking bbq ribs... and watching three kids storm around the house... it's like cleaning up in the eye of a hurricane... kinda fruitless.

Life is pretty normal again... small steps ... short talks... just too much kid action to get through a long convo. We'll see what tonight brings...

Peace yo.

(holy moly you guys post a lot... )