July 6th, 2001


hey lj

so tonights' Ed-the-wanting-milk-monster only went for 5 minutes... (the last 5 minutes) ....... he's just agreed to go back to sleep. He demanded that I not look at him though?? :D

Any ways... now I'll try to go back to sleep... should take me .. um... 25 seconds.



Hahaha... look at this ham bone! This one is George... the 5 year old. Ed, 3, probably has only one more night of wanting milk to put him back to sleep after his middle-of-the-night wake up... the problem with soothers, or bottles or whatever, is the child does not develop natural coping skills to deal with returning to sleep. Geo had a su-su until he was 4.... Ed never had one for a second... not ever… but this bottle thing was pretty hard. Ah well... parenting.

Speaking of Ed, he head-butted me two nights ago... right into my nose... I have a bit of a glass nose - it was pretty seriously broken along with the rest of my face in a high school fight - so after a day of killer sinus pain yesterday... today is gonna be marked by blowing my nose all frigging day! yuck.

~ it's a swish swish day... I have my noisy charcoal cargos on...
~ grey f.t.l. boxers and big white sox...
~ white company logo golf shirt and this black sweat shirt... (it's chilly this morning)
~ dem shoes.
~ to write about the Big Brother 2001 Evening One experience in my house last night...
~ to go and buy tickets to a local pub engagement of the Proclaimers for this August! (woohooo… allyn? Is that cool or what… )
~that I could convince my Lj friend carrie to make a simple coffee table book out of the pictures and words that represent the road trip she recently completed.... who knows about book publishing? anybody?
~ that the 21 state lawmakers that are trying to block the production and deliver of a play at Perdue/Indiana University - it has a Christ centric theme and presents a "gay" twist to the story... would all jump in the lake.... what a bunch of backward ass twists... intolerance, censorship, mindless stupidity... yup state lawmakers at work.
~ I had better prospects for stuff going on at home...