July 4th, 2001


How is it that the USA is more desirable than Iceland?

"Howdy howdy howdy...Look, I'm Woody." I'm see'en the plastic shark from Toy Story wearing Woody's hat .... ah well. G'mornin Lj. It's prol'y gonna rain around here today but for now its really nice out... a little cool and fluffy looking clouds and sun beams... everywhere there are sunbeams... You know how some sunglasses make sunbeams look cool... that's what it's like all over, but without the glasses.

So I sat down to take a morning picture for my journal and just as I'm clicking away at it... I see George poking his head horizontally into the door frame... (as you can see in the pic) and I burst out laughing... A good way to start the day.

In the paper today I read that NORWAY is the number one ranked "most desirable" place to live, followed by Australia, then Canada, Sweeden, Belgium, the USA and then Iceland. Norway is topping the top 7 places on the planet. hmmm.... makes me think of you Lisa.

~ black f.t.l.'s
~ dark blue cotton cargos
~ fav point zero t
~ dem shoes.. and the D&G.
~ a smooth smooooooth fire engine. (I'm working on it Lakme)
~ to make today worthwhile... It started so well that it deserves a good follow-through.
~ finish a document for the bastards at the bank... (oh, see how things get when money is involved... -> that's a client, this bank place... and their messing with the bill for services... errrg)
~ for very good news or at least No Bad News from my precious friend in Jo'Burg (my Mom keeps saying that... he sister lives there). I hope things are Ok with Mario and the work situation.
~ there was something to say to give hope to my radio gurrl... to C'villes best on-air ticket.
~ I was a pathetically wealthy man... 'cause then I'd arrange to send sundance and her charges (I love how you call them girlchild, etc.) to Aussi for an extended vacation… I hope that true love finds a way.

Hey you know the new Big Brother starts this week… tomorrow night… I have to make a point of not becoming obsessed with that. But dam it's fun to watch people drive each other nuts… kinda helps you put your own life in perspective.


Holy soakers batman... I walked out of the office... hopped on the first buss and road it across town to the "buss office" ... to buy a new July buss pass... eak... a bit late yes...

Got off the bus in the wind... bought the pass, and came out of the office into TORRENTIAL RAIN... oh my god it was incredible... really kinda cool actually. Just buckets and buckets of rain... hmmm... reminds me of something lakme said the other day... about buckets of something... :D

well, after the bedtime rituals with the kiddies... I'm off to my mom's house to get her new (finally) computer setup ...

Later lj..

oh, I almost forgot.. I got a call from Dr. Chopchop's office... seems there are no none nadda zip zilch lil'swimmers in me... the desired result of having a doctor poke a hole in my bag and chop away at me seems to be in effect. Spermless semen... I officially shoot blanks... I guess all my mistresses can stop taking the pill finally. (hey! It could happen... :D)


//silly rant on

Ok, I get into some trouble or whatever with something at work... I can cruise around the net, dive into training course binders, search text books, mark pages across a library of O'Reilly books call meetings with my team, and conference in the code writers... but spelling? dictionary?

Do you have any idea how many times I have typed the word "Bus" - well actually buss - in this journal? A gaziliion and eighteen... that's how many! and today is the first time anybody has bothered to mention the whole single "s" in bus thing to me... THE FIRST TIME...

Do you realize how many perfectionists, anal retentives, obsessive compulsives or just generally speaking good spellers with a chip on their shoulders are on my friends list (and DO NOT FOR A SPLIT SECOND MAKE any head noises about that being mean... hell we talk about those conditions all the time... so I don't mean a negative thing in the whole wide world and every other world for that matter!) and nobody has every corrected buss? Well until tonight.

Thanks miss spelling bee girl... by the way. I really don't mind being corrected... I freely admit that I'm spelling deficient... Only a few months ago did Z say the magical sentence to me "Friends is spelled by saying FRY and END together." and after 39 years of existence as an English speaking person I have confidence when my fingers start typing the word friend... And in Lj land... that word is a biggy!

//silly rant off

ps. Hey... did you like the movie Independence Day when it came out...

pps. CAM People??? is there a software package that I can use to record avi's or mpegs using my little net cam?
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