June 27th, 2001


Morn'en Lj...

Wow you wouldn't believe the section of text I just block deleted.... but that just was not a nice way to start today!

So big high spirits yesterday ... they got kinda trashed last night... maybe I'll be inspired to write a little haiku about it. Bottom line: s'ok... marriage is just hard sometimes.

On a lighter note: it's alisons second last day of school... she's a girl at my buss stop that is taking physical / massage therapy at the University of Ottawa... she's married and lives near us, has a dog and ... did I mention that she's studying massage therapy... :D The thing is... not a lot of blond women can pull off the "top knot" hair thing and not start looking like a blond stereotype... Alison does... she's one of the more personable neighbors...

Today is going to seriously kick ass... I'm all dressed up again... this time for a client meeting. We're doing work for the organization that gets university med students into internships... Then my "bank" client should be getting back to me today about that report from yesterday... and in the middle of all that? It's going to be screaming hot outside and I expect the "official" announcement to be made today at work about my taking over database support. wohoo!

~ b.u.m. black boxers... not as comfy as f.t.l.'s but they'll do.
~ pale pale green dress pants
~ tommy shirt with the mickey tie (some colours in the tie match the pants!)
~ hush puppies...
~ and thanks to that visit to zellers (new razors), the bald squatchi is smooth smooth smooth!
~ to post some pictures of the deck tonight... or the "work in progress"
~ try and drink less coffee today!
~ for my pal Kym nbbmom to have very good news from all sides... especially the man's recognition that change needs to be something they both support.
~ to see more pics of my friend knuckels (are you reading this?) in those shiny pants... haha.. still can't get that out of my mind...
~ with all of my heart that, when i spent all that time chatting with Kath and Kristy last night I had - just for a moment - remembered to ask Kristy how she was doing after that phone call from the ex-man... I read that entry Blossom and my heart was filled with pride for what a strong and incredible woman you are... I am very fortunate to have you for a friend.

Ok, this bus ride is just about over and I'm going to be killer busy this morning... so ttfn lj but we'll catch up later. (it's time for that question again... I'll post it later ~ grin ... )
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who know's music?

I have a sixteen year old neice... well she'll be sixteen this weekend.

She's digging Matchbox 20 ... and Silverchair... I want to get her a CD that might stretch or surprise her... femail lead vocals are my specialty... so I'm not feeling up to guessing what might be a good choice for a CD for her birthday... any suggestions?

Alrighti then...

So once again... it's time to ask...

... and please try to work with me on this one... 'cause I really wanna know...

When was your last orgasm?

Self inflicted or otherwise... details are purely up-to-you...

Come on, give!

(My answer is in the replies...)
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Word 'em up Homeslice...

Ok... now I really gotta fly... I'm off to buy some music for my niece and get home to see how the deck is doing.. .oh and I get to have a bj on the way... well, ok, so not really but I'm gonna talk to billijean while I'm walking... hahaha...

See ya tonight...


I'm sitting at home trying to get caught up on email... and post a few notes to some friends.
The cam is on!!!

We spent the evening at my sis-in-laws house celebrating Sarah's birthday (16) and Megan's birthday (12). We got Sarah the Fiona Apple CD (Where the pawn...) - because it was on her list... but that music recommendation bit I got today just kicks... it's great. I'm giving her the list of bands as a follow-up!

So massive amounts of work were done on the deck today...

Here's a series of pictures that show the deal getting underway...

*(warning... 10 pictures to load... not huge pics... but still)

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