June 24th, 2001



I liked Pay It Forward... and I guess the story line was served with that ending... but boy-oh-boy I'm glad I didn't see that movie in a theater. hehe... was to many eye ball rubb'en moments at the end...

I like the little things in a movie like that...

~ The fact that angie dickenson played that part ... cool.

~ The little jump that the heroin addict does when he's asking the jumper chick to go for coffee with him... great moment.

~ others... but I have too much of a head ache to remember 'em ... gotta get an advil... and try to pass out.

Morning Lj...

~ some other companies nice golf shirt... (cognos)
~ a pair of cargo shorts
~ fila runners...
~ to go to a family fun day at this big giant park near our house...
(I'll take pictures!!! fun... - I hope)
~ to get groceries... man!
~ to go to Tomb Raider (finally) if my folks can baby sit tonight....
~ I could RIGHT THIS SECOND be in Burbank so I could bring a dozen yellow roses by hand to my soul sisstah!

I'll post the letter in "friends only"... Things have been sucken... with Z... it's just been needlessly testy and it's not pms. So I've been trolling around with the interpersonal stuff looking for something... my friend suggested a hand written letter... I worked on that last night before we watched Pay It Forward...

I gave it to her... and she basically blew it off... "What'd ya do? Transcribe that from someones journal???" sheeshhh... I was bummed. The evening went along with no highs or lows ... but bedtime was not-so-hot... just a negative vibe in the air...

If you read the letter (it's short) you see what I mean about the kiss... but this morning... out of the blew... my Z walked up to me - before my shower... or teeth brushing... - and laid a wonderful face sucking delicious kiss on me and we did the "sorry 'bout yesterday" thing... It felt wonderful... the letter just had a delayed response...

~ grin...

Have a wonderful day lj...


On the way out the door we were worried things would cost money at kids day. So I have some cash, Z had a ten and we gave Ed three quarters to hold. He has no pockets. He likes to carry coins.

Into the wagon with Ed and Geo on his bike... Z and I are walking with big car-cups of coffee... the sign said "family fun day in the park".

Wow! Big inflated slide... pony rides, soap bubble marathons, races, face painting, temp-tattoos, hot-dogs, cans of pop and juice, music ("Tony & his Music Truck") - And everything was free... no really... couldn't spend money if you tried.

The boiz had a blast... three hours in the sun... Ed, who had 2 hot dogs for breakfast, downed 2 and 1/2 dogs... and a can of root-beer. Lots of bubbles and a basketball court with 100 kids dancing the macarana (sp?).

We finally arrived home... after a small drama with Geo not obeying the rules of the road with his bike... (we had a side-of-the-road-talk!!!) and home.

We come through the door... and Ed is pulling at my shorts... "dad, dad, dad!" I look down and he's trying to hand me something... all three quarters. I was floored. ~ big smile.

Got a gang you want to give something nummy to for dessert?
Dessert cake.
~ 4 eggs
~ 1 cup sugar
~ 3/4 cup oil
~ teaspoon vanilla
Beat the crap out of this... by hand (no mixer required).
In another bowl mix:
~ 1 2/3 cups flour (sift!!!)
~ 2 teaspoons of baking powder
Mix this into the wet stuff. It all gets quit thick.

Pour half of this onto a baking pan. Like a cookie sheet with edges... you might need to use a fork to spread it around. Oh... grease the pan!

30 mins at 325...

Hiya Lj..

Just me and the cam for a bit... Z will be home soon from a walk with her mom... and (gasp) the boiz went to sleep on time! haha... tired them out today huge!


I'm going to ask again tomorrow... but it'd be great if people would try posting links to the communities they belong to... Yes, sure I can go to your bio page and see... but just tonight I discovered faces and I know there's a zillion others... and they are really fantastic communities!!!!!! great places in Lj land...

I am a member of:

mommymilitia Parenting issues
marriagetips Marriage issues...
eroticfantasies name says it all!!!
free_mp3 ditto
girlygirlsclub (don't ask!... :D)
gnomite a travel related community
idiotgeorge George W. Bush... the idiot (or so they say)
linux a god send!
sextips nothing but fun and totally usefull concepts...
photography beautiful
ljover30 How old are you?
package_gang A wonderful concetp built around the idea of exchanging small gifts ... brings Lj into the RW.
survivorjunkies The survivor television show!
webcampics Yes, Kitykity I will post some pics...
whitelight More beautiful photography
paidmembers default...
dragonfairy No real idea... it just happened to me...not complaining though...

So what communities do you belong to?

The best mouse trap...

If you know anybody that does tupperware parties... I gotta tell ya... the Tupperware Ice Cream scoop is amazing. Just trust me on this... it is the last Ice Cream Scoop you will ever own...