June 17th, 2001



Mornin Lj.
I'm about to embark on a morning of "pokemon junior" card game playing with Geo and thought I'd check lj first... Every now and then someone posts these "3D" pictures in the nakedparts community... Every now and then I go mental trying to get the images to merge... The look on my face - with wicked bed head - trying to 'fuse focus' on those pictures is dam scary!

~ yucko morning wear (sweat pants, yesterday's sox, an old T)
~ a bed head of outstanding proportions...
~ to have a shower after pokemon
~ to get back in bed and remind everyone here that it's fathers day and I'm tired!
~ for the good health of my lj buddies...
~ that I get to see Tomb Raider soon... Z is pining to see Ol'Jackman buddie in swordfish... any reviews?

Later skaters...
(yes, i know, you are not actually skateboard enthusiasts... So?)

Father's Day 2001.

Zebra, resplendent in her velcro rollers, tank top and shorts released the boiz from their restraints ... they'd been itching to bring me a decorated bag of Pappa Day gifties. On top of the bag was the craft-foam butterfly they made from the "Craft/Project book" that kristylicious sent the boiz from Kristywood (Burbank, actually). Onward.... into the bag... I find a lovely card, a box of Russel Stovers Cherry Chunkies (basically, miniature Cherry Blossoms), and finally, a DVD of one of my fav movies of all time "The Princess Bride".

Trying to explain to George why i'm laughing so hard at Wesley saying "I'll always come for you." is taxing!
"My name is Indigo Montoya.
You killed my father.
Prepare to die."
ps. robin wright? she's a homely one eh? I never imagine her in leather... nope, never.

We watched TPB for a bit then I finally took my still sleep-crusty self up for a shower. The build-up of disgusting goop in the tub got the best of me so a sat there... naked as a jaybird, scrubbing the tub before my shower... no, there are not pictures. However, it is worth noting that house work is a lot more fun when performed naked. It just changes the dynamic.


so it is so bizarre how the cycles on Lj go... the full moon accompanying complaints of cramping and stressed out boiz... followed by a week of deep introspective postings by everyone... and now? now the friskiness returns...

Think I'm nutz? Just watch... and yes I'm a real pain 'cause I'm prol'y the worst offender but, really now, there will be a rush of friskiness across lj this week.. you watch and see if I'm wrong.

ps. This post has been brought to you by the letter T.

~ tight
~ tender
~ touching
~ tickling
~ tasting
~ tempting
~ and ... tartlet!