June 14th, 2001



Well I just printed EXACTLY 100 pages of 8½ x 11 paper to cover my friends pages since 5:00 yesterday. Hola! can you guys ever talk.

I think I would faint dead away if one day I looked up and saw roaring_woman (lucynda) standing there... you really hike up my socks sugar. ("hike up my socks" ??? i just made that up 'cause I didn't wanna say what was really on my mind.) We're gonna have to talk about the button search I think... hehe. Dude needs some very clear advice... maybe a giant foam pointing hand (like they have at ball games...) taped to your leg... hahaha..

Now, I have a big evil red painful zit in the space between my eyebrows... I am not happy about this.. Ok, it's not that big... but it's red... and it is definitely not my friend.

~ brand spank'en new company two tone golf shirt (they went to town on these babies...) I think I'll scam another one and include it in a package to somebody... they're big!) I'll get a picture when the server's back.
~ swish swish pants and the fila runners... I have every intention of unzipping the pants into shorts today... 'cause? I'm going golfing in about 30 minutes... and it's gonna be amazingly hot and sunny today. Yes I have a vat of sun block in my golf bag... (I burn easy... I'm as white as white people get... :D)
~ to go golfing of course...
~ to read a hundred pages of lj... (and wish I could reply on stuff... )
~ to not get a sunburn...
~ I had internet access at home tonight...
~ I could have lunch with cath555 this summer... (I don't bite - promise!!!!!)
~ I could get on a plane to vegas today and just chill there for a week.

I put a new 350 watt dual fan power supply in my system last night... and cleaned in the office a lot... paper piles just grow like weeds... But I am the ninja paper destroyer... ahahaha chop, toss! I'm gonna put a chassis fan in that system as well but that'll have to wait for the weekend.

When the makers of man realized they (he, she, whatever) had made an imperfect being... they went back to the drawing boards and applied themselves with great diligence.... when they corrected for all the mistakes they made the first time round... they made MY LJ FRIENDS!!!!!

I gotta go... wish I could hang for a bit... but I just gotta git. Later sk8ers...
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