June 13th, 2001



Morn'in Lj... first of all, Z is under the weather and has an irritated nerve in her lower back... long history with this nerve and this is - so far - a minor thing. Second?... my cable modem died a painful and complete death. I was scrambling to figure out what the hell was wrong with my firewall and before I began radical 'ectomies on the configuration of linux I thought I'd call the @home peeps and see what's what. Well ping klank klank... "Sir that modem is dead dead dead... we can have someone out there on Friday evening." Very big fat bummer... so I am gonna have some serious reading to catch up on. :D

Three whole evenings in a row without access to Lj... pathetic as it may sound, that's the longest stretch away from the game that didn't involve a vacation since...ummm... last July.

I'm sitting on my buss en-route to work... knowing full well that I'm going to have to take off to a client site the second I get there... so here's hoping I get the chance to post this before I have to take off.

~ dark blue cotton cargo's... it's supposed to up to 30 (Celsius) today... that's "really hot" in US dollars... and these pants zip off into shorts... prol'y gonna have to go there today...
~ company logo golf shirt... If I wear this today, I might be able to get one of the new new golf shirts from the company for the golf tourny I'm repp'ing the company at tomorrow.
~ running shoes (fila)... I have to walk back and forth to the bank (my current client) like twice a day... they're about 8 blocks away... runners help.
~ to take my desktop in for a power supply replacement and have them add a second fan - it just gets too hot in there...
~ to print huge gobs of paper copies of my lj friends pages from 5:00 yesterday till this morning.... OMG I missed you guys last night... Prol'y mostly 'cause i couldn't have you... I mean I've gone on "cut back on Lj" stretches before but this time it's being forced on me... yuck.
~ that today was not made of the worst traffic jam I've seen in months!! I kinda need to get my ass to work.
~ that Z's back does not get any worse... she's on anti-inflam's now...
~ that my friends have a great day.

so, listen, I read a few things on the buss ride home last night (Lj friends print out) that I didn't get to comment on last night... and it looks doubtfull I'll get the chance to go back to them this morning so I'm making some comments here! :D

Lydia (ly): wow honey that was a beautiful tribute letter from you sisters for your wedding. Had me slipping my sunglasses on to hide little tears ont he bus! and you're right... I do feel like I know you better.

Catherine (cath555): just to make sure this is perfectly clear! The most completely drop dead sexi outfit a woman can wear (IMHO) is a pair of overalls, kedds tennies, and a sexi top - maybe a micro fibre tight white top. Noting that overalls can come in many killer styles but they are all so complementary to a butt. I remember saying this before but it bears repeating... A sexi satin and lace pin-up-girl outfit says "I'll stand here and look great... you can come over and worship me or whatever but don't ask me to move ok?" where as the overall deal looks all sexi and says "K'mere... we're gonna have some fun, and I'll try not to hurt ya."

Lisa (ten): yup... mean people do suck. and this is just an excuse to get your attention long enough to remind you that I think you're fantastic. (besides being adorable...)

kelliegrrl & sundance : hey! can either of you walk? :D

kitiara your hair chop is awesome... I wish I could stalk your web site all day... all day! Adore you? haha... easy! (and ps. congrats on the new computer).

sirenity I totally dig where your from with the POTA thing... are we the same age? I was frigging mortified by that movie and then confused - of course - by the logic loop of the subsequent movies. I will definitely see the new one!

peace out Lj... I got more to say but the buss ride is over.

Ps. No picture today… Corto's Playground is DOA until that modem is fixed.
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errr today!

wow... does that suck or what... my office was giving away 50 (fifty) depeche mode tickets for tonights show and because I was away on a clients site... I missed the big grab...


later sk8ers...

So, today was busy'er than hell... I've printed off a monstrous stack of Lj friends posts and if I'm a lucky guy... I'll be able to post a bit in the morning... But this is it till morning... My wife (zebra) thinks I am totally nuts to be so morose about not being able to check Lj in the evening.

Seven reasons why I miss Lj...

1) The book (Lj) just keeps getting written... and after a point it's dam hard to catch up.
2) I totally love my ljfriends... I talk about you all as if you were people next door, or at work or sum'thin... and it hurts to be away from the ones you love ... right Jessa?
3) Missing wisdom from sextips...
4) debby is posting pictures... I love the ones I've seen so far!!!!
5) lothie got a cam... I'll miss all the stuff she posts by accident... hehehe...
6) How the hell am I supposed to get a good nights rest without checking Lj psychotically before I go to bed? I get so much out of considering my responses to your posts....
7) You guys are so nice to me... ???? Do you realize how that great that makes me feel...

Fill my hotmail account would ya?

L8er Sk8ers
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