June 10th, 2001


such fun...

Oh what a night... late September....
Oh wait... that's a song not our night. but our night was plenty fun.

My brother and his date came over and we took off. Our hosts lived clear across town... a twenty-minute drive on this highway that cuts through Ottawa like a zipper up a long coat.

Our host's, Jay and Celine live in a beautifully renovated 150-year-old house (they did the reno) and he (jay) is a self confessed super anal retentive perfectionist nut bar - and a very good and close friend. Umm... example: he has 3 zones on his automatic sprinkler system and plumbing for 4 additional zones... his yard is the size of a postage stamp.

The other couple, John and Odile are an interesting pair of clich�s... they are wonderful, but she (Odile) is - to me - simply the best... and that has nothing to do with her sitting between her husband and I, while she cut the midnight cheesecake and offered me (not john) her cake covered thumb to suck - no really.... we all ended up laughing to gut clenching pain over that slightly Freudian slip... and believe me, I hesitated not one second in taking that thumb in my mouth and doing my best to make her eyebrows raise.

After drinking a VAT of sangria (omg it was good.... I keep forgetting that I don't drink... hmm... might have to change that policy), we played a game. It's called "formula one" and it is played with a deck of cards and these teeny little plastic cars. Everybody is assigned two cars of a specific colour, and through the working of the game you start with your car in specific pole positions and jockey them about through strategic card playing towards a final order determining the winner. It was a really run actually, and very obscure... if you see it in a game store... grab it and give 'er a try with some friends... you need a min of three players, but six is best.

Something kind of special happened tonight... but it's kinda hard to explain. It has to do with the sexual dynamic of our interactions as couples - nothing untoward (we're not talking "swingers" here) but it existed and it did not create - as it has so often in the past - a negative vibe with Z and I.

Any ways, the night wore on and we ended up at home by 1:30 and to bed - after a quick Lj check - at 3:00... and with no book associated elements, had fantastic mid period sex... spontaneous, draining, passionate and appropriately messy. A wonderful night.


It's a Sunday afternoon and it's simply beautiful outside... maybe even too sunny and too warm...
We're taking the boiz to a baseball game today, they're first ball game... AAA Ottawa Lynx at JetForm Park.

Loading on the sunscreen and bringing popcorn... ummm... a camera... baseball hats, seat cushions... water bottles... and the reasonable expectation that we will not be there for the whole game. :D

Later Lj...

A towel tent...

"Daddy, lets make the tent."
... followed every bath.
A monogrammed towel,
A godmothers gift,
A tent for sure.

"No light... Stop all the light!"
... a wee bitty body crawls on my lap.
As I sit on the sink stool,
As we cover in the towel,
As all light is stopped for sure.

"Daddy, um... lets make the tent...."
... as a gangly boy climbs on board.
we drape the tent towel over,
we try to stop the little bits of light,
we notice that my lap has shrunk, for sure.

We need a bigger towel

Take me out to the ball game...

So we went to a ball game with the boiz...

... we had no real intention of staying for the whole game but we really wanted to do something for the afternoon and the boiz have never been ... so we went!

We parked a half a mile from the stadium - mostly 'cause it's a really easy spot to get in and out off and then walked. We made our seats (which sucked btw) and in moments, tired of the seats so Z took the boiz to find the mascot guy.

After that we relaxed on the "family fun zone" lawn (lots of picnic tables etc.)

and Z caught this great shot of the kiddies actually watching the game... which they did for all of 10 minutes.

We caved at the bottom of the 5th and made our way home.

This has been a long long weekend ... birthday parties, water games, BBQ salmon (last nights dinner) ball games, kids rushing everywhere, parties for mommy and daddy, dance recitals... ack! I'm dead tired.

We're gonna watch "What women want" and then crash... later LJ.