June 7th, 2001



Today has been a good day. It started with a bunch of dynamic tension and super-dooper work stress - this is actually a great deal of fun for me, a really great part of the job.... It's a bit of a rush. The day has been super easy going ever since... and it's really quite relaxing.

I got home early'ish from work and we managed to get groceries before pizza and company.
Our friends have a wee baby and it's a blast to watch a baby laughing, pulling fingers, and being all cute like babies! Ok, so little jacqueline ("Jacks'r'better" in my book) is four months!!! old not 4 weeks. Sheesh time flies...

We had a nice dinner and got social all evening... it was nice. Jacks'r'better was a perfect angel and the boiz were good (they have been in this phase lately that makes everything one long fight with each other.) We let the kiddies stay up too late though... and Z works tomorrow so I'm betting they'll be cranks in the morning. Maybe should get some pancake batter ready tonight... hmmmm...

A very casual and uneventful evening...

--- Mr. Postman, look and see....

I received a grooven post card from the lil'junebug.... the First post card I've ever received from Las Vegas.

--- Is there a package, a package for me...

The post man* brought us a box today .... my package from a fellow package-gangster lothie. What a blast! I'll post a picture 'n stuff in the community lothie... I love it. Thank you so much (as i chew on a choc covered cherry from Starbucks... and some other treats.. and and stuff.

*HA! Like I'd ever see a postman!.... we don't get mail at home. We have to walk up the street to this mini wall of postboxes... I know most people do this ... doesn't it just suck?!!

Any ways... I'm to bed soon...

L8er Sk8er


Thursday .... today is going to be great! Is sunny and clear and there's really nothing negative going on at work. Actually there's a good chance I might find myself shipped off to a Transport Canada office today to install this "point in time recovery" solution for an Oracle environment... this could take two days! eak. This, while sounding like actual work versus the joy of total slacker-ism that I prefer, is actually a good thing... New Month! need billable days this month.

~ b.u.m. equipment snug boxers
~ cotton dark blue cargos
~ my new b.u.m. shirt... ( i really like this shirt)
~ to use all these daily pictures in a gallery on the playground (my web site)
~ to go through 18 billion pictures what we've taken with the dig cam for another gallery... and I want to setup something cool for the gallery paradigm.
~ to go to the dentist at 1:00 today... time for the big poke and scrrape.
~ for more time... (just a general thing...)
~ that time between now and "Jimmy in hand" passes quickly for my darlin super blossom, Kristy (who's name I always spell Krysti, backspace over and retype - drives me nuts).
~ that the most delicious girl in all of Boston, lisa the lady-on-fire, become a test market case for the new star-trek transporter system (if they'd just hurry up and invent it) so she could be in Norway whenever se wants...
~ and just a short note to say "congrat's on the decision" to another lisa ten, a highly contagious girl with a sometimes cam (can't take my eyes off of her).

A wee goof thing… I forgot to put on the D&G today, so as I got off the bus I went into the drug store and stood in front of the locked "scent" cabinate. Helper-girl shows up with a key and an offer "can I help you with anything today?" Me: "Well I see there's two scents from Dolce and Gabbana… 'Masculine' and "Homme" I'd like to try the Masculine today - on my, not a sample card, and come back tomorrow morning and try the Homme… What'd ya think?" So I managed to get my daily shot! LOL.
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..... L ... O ... W ... ... R ... I ... D ... E ... R ...

..... speechless

Hi Nola!

The world suddenly became smaller for me today...

(keep inserting "~silly grin" all over the place in this post ok?)

teaser and I exchanged packages al-la the package_gang. Teaser lives in South Africa, and I live in Canada. We are international package gangsters! :D

I received my package from South Africa today and I have to tell ya... I feel like the luckiest human being to walk this land right now...

Very (very) sappy corto pending... run for cover...

When I lucked on to Lj last summer... I was posting these big daily reviews of the Big Brother television thing... Z and I would watch a bunch of the live feeds and see a lot of stuff that never made it near a television channel... (haha .. no really there was some great stuff).

Somehow this attracted that attention of a woman on the other side of the world... she had heard of the show and I think she could get the live feeds over the internet... in any event, my reviews would take the TV show and the life feed stuff into account - as well as a bunch of r&d with BB web sites... (yes, I was rather obsessive about it).

So, any ways, teaser hooks up with my journal and I with hers and thus began what has been a fantabulous* opportunity to extend my universe in a way I had never done before. I know, blah blah blah ... but I was and remain really jazzed up about having Teaser as a friend. Today's package was worth the effort all around just for the stamps on it... If I remember correctly, the post office here just hit my package with a ink stamp and moved it along...

However, the story did not end with groovy stamps. My package included something for everyone in my little world. I'm cross posting this with an entry in the package_gang community 'cause I really want this in my journal :D

~ First and formost is a book about classic S. African fables and folklore... with stories that are great for reading to the hungry imaginations of my boiz (and me!!).
~ A SA beany baby... A Zebra! (and her name is "Zee" hahaha.. that's so great) It lives on Z's monitor now.
~ A zebra skin emery board.... which I will get more use out of than Z (very cool actually).
~ collection of semi-precious stones ... very beautiful and pure magic with little children.
~ a South Africa flag lapel pin!
~ this little wood carved african mask "key chain"
~ nummies! two each of little "jungle bites" - dried fruit bits, and little deli-cookie individual serving packs (taking both bois into account!!! ~ big wet kiss for that one!)
~ a note from Teaser about the package...
~ and lastly... this remarkable product.. called "rooibos (red bush) tea" a no caffeine and no tannin tea with all these herbal properties... i.e. safe for babies from birth, soothing to the digestive system, can be used for wiping the skin to help with rashes, etc. and can be used as an eye wash on babies!!! And remains a decent cup of tea. Apparently all South African babies are "raised" on it. Way cool stuff here.

Heres some pictures....

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for this remarkably thoughtfull package. I remain your humble and willing servant Teaser.

* yes I'm just make'en up words here... (fantabulous) but so what?
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Me, a cam, a couple of earrings... some yummie choco-covered blueberries, coffee... good music and a resume to work on... no, not mine, a friends.

Ahhhh Thursdays sure change during TV re-run season... hehe.