June 5th, 2001


g'morning Lj

So last night was a total blast... I managed to get a lot done on the help-around-the-house front, played a bit with the web site (although ....dam I could use two uninterrupted days to work on that.) Made some new friends and "fell" out of my home office. I think the funniest email I got last night read..." take off your shirt, willya? … C'mon, I gotta go to bed soon!"... now listen, the thing is that while I have a positive self image I have no illusions... what the heck would anybody want to see my naked chest for... :D

Any ways... today is goin to really cook. I have to get a plan submitted to the client that had the problem yesterday... it has to be fixed today... no questions. And it's "finishing touches" time for the big presentation tomorrow.

~ it's swish swish day... the day I wear my way noisy "swishy" sounding cargo pants (my boss call's them my snow pants...)
~ my fav short sleeve shirt and the V neck sweater with the utterly usless zipper pocket on the sleeve...
~ omg!! I just realized that (groan!) I have a totally "point zero" outfit on ... the fracking cargos, the t and the V are all pz clothes. Ok, if I noticed this on a coworker, I would tease the crap out of him or her...
~ to hide at my desk a lot today.
~ to get all my work done or the boss will be justified in flogging me.
~ to write two major bitch session rants into lj today (sometimes you just gotta get stuff out there... ya know)
~ that my precious friend maura can convince her man in training to submit to a good plan!
~ that I was a lot more limber...(but I will be!)
~ for the very very best luck on the adventure of a lifetime for my two love-struck friends, kelliegrrl and sundance (gina)... what is it? like 5 days before you meet! oh god you must be practically exploding!

I wanted to pass on a note about a story in the paper today, and a couple of my friends will surely be able to understand why... The downtown Ottawa Crown Plaza hotel has succeeded in their bid to establish a foster home for a mother and new chick rare peregrine falcon. The beautiful bird was all over our news last year when it first made a nest on the hotel. I will forever think of my friends faerrykisses and peregrinus - and their love story - when I hear of this sort of bird.

oh, and Hi! to my newest Lj buddie friend, tonya. Just click it, and look at the picture (sorry tonya if this is intrusive) at the top of her page... it's her and it's a great picture!
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More Lj Birthday Babies...

Happy Birthday Catherine!!

Let me introduce a new friend and fellow Ottawa resident, cath555. A new friend and it's your birthday like the very next day! I am so looking forward to following your posts...

Happy Birthday to you .... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Catherine... Happy Birthday to you...
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Ok, just a quick note...
For toy:

Walk a mile the shoes of a stay-at-home-mom and you will have sore feet.
No question.
The only saving grace is that parents everywhere know the truth of this... and being "parents" is a lot like being a "UNIX sys admin" in-so-far-as the old saying:
"there are two types of unix sys admin's... those that have lost data and those that will."
At least the peeps that don't get how hard and how important being a primary care giver is are peeps that, for the most part, will one day understand.


What the hell is it with people and guns?

I read about a test performed in Atlanta recently ... they put kids ages 8 - 12 in a room one at time. Somewhere in that room (in a drawer) was a handgun. (not loaded btw) and here's what happened... 75% of the kids FIND the gun. Nearly half of them handle it... and one-forth of them pull the frigging trigger!!!! When they picked up the gun... what did they do first? Look straight down the barrel. None of the kids new that the gun was not loaded... 90% of the kids that handled it had previously received some sort of gun safety instruction.

Ok, so while I don't necessarily enjoy pissing off my friends that are gun enthusiasts... I have to say... you're a bunch of phuquing morons... People need hand guns like I need always pads!!!! And don't gimmi this protect my house and home bs... another article in the same paper... A Norristown, PA man pumped eight shells into his neighbor (three in the head) after finding the naked neighbor drunkenly stumbling into the guys basement... he had the wrong house... Yea no kidding.

Sure, I can dig issues related to living in the country and owning a riffle, but take your frigging hand guns and shove 'em up your....

For the love of god people, have none of you realized that it was a hot fricking day back when they were signing the declaration of independence??? They just wanted the right to wear short sleeved shirts.

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Aww shucks guys...

I get soooo angry that I practically shake when I read about gun accidents... it just drives me to rant...

Hence MY RANT.

Looking back, I guess I invited criticism by using personal terms that sounded more like pointing fingers at people then at the issues....

To my friends that are gun enthusiasts... I will repeat myself and say that I will support your right to have an opinion different than my own until breath leaves my body.

We all, by now, know my opinion on this divisive issue... but an apology is due if you personally felt attacked. I'm not about attacking my friends...

I am about - in this case - attacking an issue.

Footnote: This is my journal.

If you are made to feel bad by reading it... please don't.

If, on the other hand, your grow by exploring opinions that do not align out of the box with your own... then indeed... read.

I value my journal friends more than you can imagine... I cannot stress this enough... Nor can I stress enough that I express myself in my own journal - acknowledging that as a public (or semi public) forum I will make a reasonable effort to present my words in a non threatening manner. I want to embrace what it is that makes Livejournal so much more than a few sheets of paper stuffed into a box beneath my bed.

(That is you... my friends. You make this more than it might otherwise be. )
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