June 4th, 2001



Ok, blarg... blech...
Not a marvelous start to today. I have a general yucki feeling in my guts today... I remember reaching for the alarm clock at 6:45 but I don't remember anything else until my next view of the clock at 7:45. I made the 8:11 bus.
No coffee! No time to make my regular car cup of coffee that I power back on the buss. So, I'm late and I don't have a coffee in my system yet. Maybe coffee and a muffin will help that yucki feeling :D

~ cotton cargos
~ white company golf shirt
~ black sweatshirt
~ these big assed heavy shoes... (always reminded how heavy they are when I'm running for a buss.)
~ to buy a coffee!!
~ to do a bunch of work on proposals for my two biggest clients
~ to get over feeling yucki and somehow find a silver lining in today!
~ maybe some charlottesville radio will help??
~ I was more limber... must streeeetch body! (psst. I'm getting there)
~ the very best of good luck and success for my friend allyn - who is on day 2 of this California aids ride.

Hey, so listen, I wanted to say Hey to a couple of new fiends - the Catherine (cath555) - and she lives right here in Ottawa!!!! and Sarah (saira928)
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ah crap!

this is just not working....
... multiple little advil caps later...
... wicked ass head ache has settled in nicely between my temples... basically feels like a vice slowly trying to turn my head into a fry pan...

Johnny made a record...
went straight up to number one...
suddenly everyone wanted to hear him sing his song...

Except Johnny got a headache, so he told everyone to jump in the lake and went to bed instead.

Me? no such luck... off to do a presentation preview for the sales idiots (big show coming up on Wednesday)
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Long day...

So the headache started to fade after about 2:00... then all hell broke loose at work.. we have some pretty hot shot clients... we had some app go haywire and I had to join a team of oracle boiz ... most of my guys are off on other sites... and spent all afternoon and into the evening worrying it around in circles... then back first thing tomorrow... it's a pain.. believe me .. a pain.

Any ways... now it's coffee and web page work'en ... on cam! and chillin.