June 2nd, 2001



I fricking hate ants....

Oh sure, ants are the lovely little garbage pickers. Yah! sure, well they can go pick garbage somewhere else... Every summer it's the same dam thing. Little tiny fricking black ants. We've tried everything... I think? Cleaning with gusto! Using your basic ant-be-gone super chemical killer, ant traps. Heck we've even called in the professionals ... and a crap lot of good that did. They did nothing and still gave us a bill.
Any decent ant advice out there? And don't tell to buy an anteater 'cause they are totally disgusting creatures. :D

the afternoon.

I'm watching the kids play... George and his little hell-cat for a friend Colin are playing and little Ed is walking all over them. They spend all their time running away from Edward??? Maybe I'm just in a mood or something but I seriously want to package these little noise makers up and put them in a garage sale. Ok, maybe not, but still .... they basically play by running, screaming, crying and fighting... oh friggin joy, the pleasures of parenthood.

I spent the first half of the afternoon performing surgery on the toy zone in the basement. I managed to get one whole green garbage bag of stuff to just throw in the garbage. Bottom line? we have far too many toys....

(time slip + 2hrs)

ahhh sweet relief. I bundled the three kids together, took 'em to wallyland, bought diapers for the boy that will not potty train, fed 'em micki-D's and then deposited George at Colin's' house. Edward is an angle when geo is not here.

sidenote: I am amazed at how my head has become so accustomed to following the lives of my Lj buddies. I've managed to get dumped by a few peeps lately - other people culling the herd I suspect - unless I've just become too distasteful with all my wanton bitching (ok, sarcasm!). It's odd how that makes you feel the moment you realize you've been dumped, but I try desperately to not react for a couple of days... then it's either return the favour or in some cases just to continue reading their public posts... It really isn't about whether or not they want to read me... it's all about whether or not I want to read them

yard = work!

Inspiration - cut the lawn... and the get (GET) to use the whipper-snipper.

Haiku for the whipper snipper

Grassy edges green
Summer rain makes you so bold
Die muthufucka

... for the weeds

Dandelions everywhere
Persistent like crack whores
Spray, now O.D.

Ninja crabgrass
Twisting, twirling, pervasive
Ok, you win.