May 31st, 2001


g'morning Lj.

Hey... g'morning Lj.
It is just amazingly cold out today but at least it's sunny sunny sunny. No complaints. I'm looking forward to a about 5 days of being totally wrapped and slapped silly with work . All the while going slightly insane because I'm dying to get caught up on reading LJ.
It's crazy I know, because I enjoy the freedom to do things like have a blast with Lj because I have such a good job and work in a relatively easy going environment... and if I did what I want to do ... well not much chance I wouldn't get fired... :D Oh well, no worries. I think I can handle a little high test work ethic for a while.
Hey, I wanted to send a big shout out to janedeau - and family (baby zoe and hubby-man Gray) with high hopes for a good response form the cali company that might draw them all to LA. You'll certainly be in good company if you get to got out there!
I have a friend, an lj friend (dailymom) that had a little baby just a few short weeks ago... Austin. Anyways, baby austin got this fever and ended up with his mom in the hospital. Everyone is fine now (yea!) - HI Toy! - Super glad all is well and that you guys are home now... The point is though, that while they were in the hospital, daily-dad!! was posting updates in her account on Lj... That, to me, was just the sweetest, coolest thing. I was really glad to get the updates but also really impressed to see that he was doing this ... hehe. Sheesh I love this place.

~ cotton cargos,
~ company white T with company logo denim shirt
~ although a pair of jewel encrusted battle shorts would be fun too...
~ a big warm leather coat... dam but it's cold.
~ to get another package ready today to a surprise package buddy… somebody all glossy, pretty and wonderful for being such a great player in this big Lj game...
~ it was warm!
~ only the very very best news to climb into that big comfy bed with my very precious friend, mauracelt… ringing phones, and understanding men. (psst. I am unbelievably happy to see that you're finding or at least looking for a route to a solution!)

Hey listen, just a last note saying hi to two new friends, ginger_g (some people are sooo cute! - and they prol'y hate hearing that… LOL) and lique (others have so much style it humbles me in the extreme). I am very happy to be sharing the reading of this living novel with you both.
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so Ritu... the girl we wanted to take out to lunch yesterday - that didn't work out btw - says ... "So what's with the earring?" and following my inquisitive glare continues with "really doesn't' suit!" Oh man.. .like my fragile ego can handle that! Now I'm gonna be thinking about the dam earring.... *

Zebra was telling me that George woke her up yesterday - um, I leave for work with the guys finished the breakfasts watching blues clues... Z is usually still trying to convince herself to get out of bed and drink the coffee I brought her before I split... ** - standing beside her bed tapping her shoulder saying "Mom... (tap tap tap) Mom... MOM!... watch this..." and the holds his fingers together all tip-to-tip like and starts changing "OHMMMMMM OHMMMMMM" and he starts doing this after dinner last night... Apparently he got this from one of the kiddie tv shows??? wtf? "Ok, Kids, lets get our safety scissors and glue sticks out to make a big mask, but first, lets all MEDITATE!" What year is this?

Oh, and it's time sheet day ... the worst frigging day of the month... just thought I'd share....

* like I'm gonna take her to lunch any time soon. :D

** Z works thursdays and fridays (so day care on those two days) and is an at-home-mommy for mon, tues, wed...
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Corporate Cell Phone Upgrade Plan

My coworkers have all got these groov'en new cell phones that basically do everything but make coffee... and that's proly covered on a page of the manual they haven't got to yet...

They're getting stock quotes, voice activating calls, sending and receiving email...

My cell phone? Well, big analog bell on the back of it was dented back in '72 when they made it...

So the deal is that when my boss calls me into her office to announce the next big ass contract signed for my team... I'm going Robert DiNero (Raging Bull) on my phone with her office door....

In the mean time, I've perfected the exact key stroke combination to all sneaky like program their phones to call home when you flip it open and say "Yo Bitch!" to the phone... ... now it's just a question of waiting for their respective spouses to visit the office so I can ask 'em to "hey check out this cool feature of your husbands phone..."


[ i have a dvd of "ghost in the shell" ]
[ who knows about this.....................]
[ haven't watched it yet.....................]
[ maybe this weekend.......................]