May 30th, 2001



Absolutely freezing!
It's overcast, windy and just bazzing out side. Dam! And it's gonna be JUNE! in two days! Oh well... a day this crummy on the outside is prol'y gonna be fantastic inside... and I'm hear to tell ya, I got a head start on that "fantastic" thing last night. Last night Z and I rrrrrrrip'ed another page each from our book. I'll go into some explanation of my seduction later - I'm keep that FO (friends only) until after I surprise her... and I, of course, am hotly awaiting my treat. You know what? The actual seductions hardly matter (ok, they matter ~ grin) but seriously, the best part of the whole deal is the way we feel when we rip! It just speaks volumes to one another about the way things are and where they're going.
Hey, so I still have that ring in my head...

~ gray boxers,
~ charcoal gray dress pants, cuffed.
~ fancy spancy sox, and rockports
~ light blue mock neck shirt
~ new jet black "pink elephant" sweatshirt (a work thing)
~ an little D&G and not a single pubic hair anywhere below the... um, below the, well never mind... just a fresh bald squatchi thing go'en on, ya dig?
~ a seriously busy day...
~ meet with some account managers and teach 'em all about our previous work at CCRA (Canadian version of the IRS) so they can get their collective asses in gear to up-sell...
~ work on the Capacity Planning presentations...
~ keep my bois (team) super busy in the lab all day! (no I'm not performing experiments on them.)
~ I knew what was happening with my friend Lucynda (roaring_woman)!
~ that I could do something to make the vang-ster (lizvang) feel better...
~ I was going to Boston next week! (arrrrrrg!)
~ that allyn has a fantastic time pushing peddles starting this Sunday (day 1). He is participating in the AID's Ride in Cali this weekend and he is gonna rawk!

You know that big smile I have on in the cam pic... that's me thinking about what a blast it is to have such an amazing, eclectic group of friends. No seriously, talk about covering all the bases. So much diversity, and so much positive energy. I am one lucky duck!

Ok, gotta go... later skaters.
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more rings of fire...

And for lunch it appears that I will be going to another idian buffet house for my coworkers birthday fete... Ritu is not only a great girl... she also inspires the coworkers to eat at delicious restaurants...