May 29th, 2001


Well g'night Lj...

Time for me to grab some shut-down-re-charge time.

I want to pass on a few words before bed... kind of a few bedtime wishes...

~ tha toy and austin come home from the hospital real soon - he's doing great but has been battling a bug that was bad enough to have to go to and stay at the hospital ... He's only weeks old.


~ that my very best super sleuth friend (Kath) has a wonderful, beautiful, and peaceful day tomorrow.

Hey Lj Birthday Babies... (a little late...)

But at least not "never"...

Happy Birthday Cristina

I hope this whole 21 year old thing works out for you... and if it doesn't, well try to stick with it for a least a year... that way if you hate it you can ditch it at 22. :D

Now as you mentioned... booze is legal for 21 year olds... so just be carefull!!! No operating Space Mountain while under the influence of all-kinds-of-booze. Only operate gigantic amusement park rides while under the influence of a single type of booze. hahaha...

No really, Cris (kurisuchina), have a great year and I hope your friends and family make this birthday memorable by feeding your senses... all of them...

Happy Better Late Than Never Birthday to you... Happy Better Late Than Never Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear cristina, Happy Better Late Than Never Birthday to you.


So it's back to the salt mines for my American buds! I hope you all enjoy a nice short week.

~ new snug gray boxers
~ it's a swish swish day... wearing my noisy cargos...
~ corporate logo white golf shirt with a maroon t under it.
~ shhhh to actually look at the offers of some other employers... I'm getting worried about the longevity of our organizations commitment to my team.
~ to spend half the day writing documents for my current employer...
~ that my friend Jessa could wave a magic wand and have her falcon boiappear on her doorstep - my hopes remain with you Jes.
~ that I was crazy rich and could take the family on a massive tour to visit all the places that my Lj buddies live and take all of them out for dinner... one city at a time... What a cool way to see the country (let alone the world) that would be.

So, has anybody else noticed what a complete nut ball that stephy_banana is? (and don't call her stephy btw, steph or stephany will do fine) She's working on a new web site - you'll have to troll her journal for a link, but she - and the site - looks just beautiful...

Well, since I got on the buss out in Kanata (the "burb" I live in) it's started raining pretty good... I'm glad I wore the swish swish pants... they dry in like 3 minutes.

Hmm.. I really need to read up on my pal Lesslyn today.

Later skaters
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Ok, I know this is gonna sound sappy, but I'm beside myself with warm and fuzzy feelings...

I found a new little red arrow that I turned into a green arrow the very second I realized what I was looking at... someone that I have admired from afar since my earliest days in Lj just showed up in my journal. wow. I just feel great about that... remarkably great... maybe I'm just being emotional today... whatever.

Oh, and on a separate topic... Do you follow Carrie? OMG what a wonderful thing she is doing... she is traveling across the country and making regular picture laden posts of her adventure. It is just screaming "coffee table book" and I hope that someone here can give her (unsolicited) advice on how to get it published because it will ultimately be a fantastic story of Americana.
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ruh row...

What is it with me and the last 10 cents worth of a womans back?

I mean everywhere I look these daiz I'm seeing that wee slice of flesh at the base of a girls back peek'en out under short shirts on the walking set, above the slight bend of the pant's waist on the sitting set... I mean a topless super model could be walking towards me on the right side but I'd miss her cause my eyes are magically being drawn to the lower back of a girl sitting at at a patio chair on the left. And god help me (or at least forgive me) if I can see the tell tail WWF Leta line of a thong or THE REAL KILLER... a tat!

Seems to me,
There has got to be,
An explanation y'all can see.
A brand new fetish,
Is speak'en to me.

Show me your back baby... just don't be walk'en away... :D Wind it up baby.
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This is driving me nuts... I bought this 'surgical steel' lil'ring for my ancient ear hole... sort of woke the hole up with a silver stud and tried the ring. The little ball kinda "clicks" into place between the two ends of the bent bar... ya dig?
Ok, getting that stupid ball in is fricking annoying! Have I mentioned that it's a pain in the ass?

All right, well it gets worse, cause I didn't like that ring... to big. So I went back and got another one... a smaller one... Do you remember, back there, I was talking about how annoying the process of putting that other little ball in was? Well this one is more of a pain than the first one.

The idea is to try out this inexpensive ring for a bit and decide if I like it.. If I do, I might go for the white gold... or maybe just keep the steel...

On the other hand it may look amazingly stupid and I'll toss in the jewelry I wore once upon a time box and move along!
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