May 28th, 2001



Morn'en Lj.
It's a steely grey and wanna-be rainy day in my world... I need to brighten it up a bit I think.
Well it's a holiday for my american buddies but not for me. I'm sitting on a bus - massively late for work - beside some joker that wants to squish me into the frigg'en window. He's not particularly large or anything, but he seems to think I need to be punished because i actually want to take up my half of the seat. When I opened up my little computer he's all about staring at the screen... so I started by typing "This guy that smells really bad is sitting beside me on the bus..." I thought he was going to choke himself to death. haha...
Ok, so a new week and - for me - a brand new Lj. A little bit wiser from recent events... I'm still trying to decide how much I care about "getting to the bottom" of this laini thing... I've been analyzing some of th info I have had on hand all along - although never really considered - and really kinda firmed up my belief in the "this is total bullshit" version of the story. Specifically, I have looked closely at the headers of all the email messages I have from both Laini and her best friend Megan... I use Hotmail for all (ALL) my Lj related mail so I end up deleting it all on a regular basis but I had saved some 43 messages... One stunning bit of data is that all of the email messages I have received from Laini, that were not Lj comments, originated from the mail server at the company Megan works for... versus any kind of an ISP account, let alone one in England.
Any ways, I'll deal with it... I think the most important thing to me personally will be to rebuild the faith and trust that I want to have for Lj peeps in general... The saddest part of an event like this would be to let the situation keep me from feeling as deeply as it has been my want to do. I use Lj to build my spirit and to explore my emotions... I really want to keep that, you know?
~ cotton cargo's,
~ blue T and a point-zero sweater...
~ dem shoes and, of course, a shot of D&G.
~ Oh, I had an earring in last night ... a surgical steel ring... (I cant wear silver - turns black) but I've decided it was too big... so i'm gonna go get the next size down.
~ a whole bunch of work on proposals and reports for the office...
~ to try and catch up on the Lj stuff I've missed this weekend.
~ to mail a package to Africa!!! (cool)
~ I could go back in time and act on some of the suspicions I had about the Laini deal at the very beginning... (eeep).
~ I wasn't late for work! (rats)
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Wind it up baby...

I have the serious head nodding thing going on here... hehe.. sheesh I am such a freakishly happy person.. I think I'll drive some people around here nut's with that today.

I gotta distribute this song to out internal mp3 server... and make everybody play it at once... the entire crew (which is pretty small right now.. a lot of peeps are on contract) doing the head nod would make a great AVI...

This reminds me, I need to make an avi (inspired by miss banana girl) for my web site... just a little teaser... suggestions? I mean sitting there and saying Hi is kinda wankish... I'm thinking a voice over something or other... erg.

(~ reaches in drawer and pulls out a few little hits of choco covered crack... OMG I'm loving these things... )

Ok, and just one thing... for the permanent record. Ed just had me practically shooting dinner out my nostrils last night... He and Geo had finished first so they were chill'en in the family room while Z and I finished up ... Now the boiz are all about telling us jokes... the never ending stream of "knock knock" jokes that don't make sense... but you better laugh... and the endless variety of takes on the "Why did the chicken cross the road ..." Now usually it's Geo with the Joke. But Edward comes to the table... remember he's only three... half the time he has no idea what he's saying... and he says to us... "Why didn't the chicken cross the road?" Me: "I don't know Ed, why didn't the chicken cross the road?" Ed: "Because it's just a stupid chicken!"
oh geez, I love those guys...
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Ok... just thought I'd mention that it has gone from sunny to the final moments of the movie "Ghost Busters" here on the weather front... really kinda cool...

QUESTION: Does anyone have the link to the place in lj that (if you're logged in) lists all of the birthdays from your friends list?

And thanx in advance.